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Soup of the Day

Soup it up! Find out what soups are cooking each day in our various food outlets across campus.

New: ONECard Low Balance Reminders!

To set a low balance e-mail reminder, go to, login, access your account, preferences and activate a reminder.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

NEW Combo Meals at Mystic Market

Degrees Catering is Hiring!

Vegout: NEW Mystic Kiosk

A spin-off of our award-winning Village Greens 'Go Green Grill' - because even vegetarians have to be bad sometimes!

Change in Payments Accepted

Mystic Market Accepting ONECard and Cash Only

New this fall! For streamlined service Mystic Market in the University Centre will be accepting ONECard & cash only.

Flamin' Good: West Coast BBQ Grill

Chopbox: Fresh stir-fry creations

Treks: Panini, Soup, Salad

NEW: Mystic Market General Store

Berries: NEW Mystic Kiosk

Boardwalk Cafe: New Mystic Kiosk

Tofino's: NEW Mystic Kiosk