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University Food Services
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2

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University Food Services
Carroll (CA) Residence Bldg.
Parking Lot #5, off Sinclair Road
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2

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Phone: 1-250-472-4777 
Fax: 1-250-472-4785 

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University Food Services

University Food Services

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University Food Services
University of Victoria
Robert Carroll Hall
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
University Food Services
University Food Services
Carroll (CA) Residence Bldg.
Parking Lot #5, off Sinclair Road
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
University Food Services
University of Victoria
University Food Services
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

General Office


Phone 250-472-4777
Fax 250-472-4785

Food Services Administration

Director, University Food Services David Purcell 250-472-4112 RCA 114
Administrative Assistant Sylvia Andre 250-472-4777 RCA 100
Coordinator, Nutrition Programming & Services Leanne Halligey 250-853-3607 RCA 111
Manager, Financial Operations Sue Gaudet 250-721-6493 RCA 113
Accounting Clerk Lesley Chiang 250-472-4777 RCA 100
Payroll Clerk Heidi Loveridge 250-472-4777 RCA 100
Front Operations Clerk Tara Lewis 250-472-4777 rca 100

Retail Operations

Manager, Retail Operations Lisa Church 250-721-8429 RCA 110
Assistant Manager, Retail Operations Gerry Parker 250-472-4858 RCA
Assistant Manager, Retail Operations Neil Patterson 250-853-3703 RCA

Residential Dining Operations

Interim Manager, Residential Dining Operations Kelly Bailey 250-853-3650 RCA 117
Coordinator, Residential Dining Cindy Rainey 250-721-6097 COM 140F

Food Production

Executive Chef Tony Heesterman 250-721-6016 COM 213A

Degrees Catering



Manager, Degrees Catering Shannon Aitchison 250-721-8433 COM 140C
Coordinator, Degrees Catering Leesa Lillis 250-721-8095 COM 140F
Clerk, Degrees Catering Candice Kelly 250-721-8603 COM 140
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Shannon Aitchison 250-721-8433 (local: 8433)
Sylvia Andre
Lisa Auld
Jasbir Bahia 250-721-8442 (local: 8442)
Chris Bailey
Kelly Bailey 250-853-3650 (local: 3650)
Sergio Barahona 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
John Beynon
Wendy Boughton
Gerald Budda
Paula Burns
Darryl Carter 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Bruce Cheeseman 250-853-3604 (local: 3604)
Lisa Church 250-721-8429 (local: 8429)
Fern Cope
Doron Cummins 250-721-8442 (local: 8442)
Joshua Douglas-Tubb
Douglas Ferrier 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Michelle Fyfe 721-844-2
Sue Gaudet 250-721-6493 (local: 6493)
Barb Giles
Raj Gill
Arlene Gonczy
Ronnie Grewal
Dana Gudbrand 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Leanne Halligey 250-853-3607 (local: 3607)
Amelie Hamel
Tony Heesterman 250-721-6016 (local: 6016)
Janice Hepburn 250-721-843 (local: -843)
Tracy Hutson
Candice Kelly 250-721-8603 (local: 8603)
Gary Kenworthy 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)
Malcolm Kerr 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
James Kline
Dennis Lam
Chris Lawson
Kathryn Lee
Tara Lewis
Leesa Lillis 250-721-8095 (local: 8095)
Karen Long 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)
Heidi Loveridge 250-472-4777 (local: 4777)
Ashlea Lozman
Alice MacDonald 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)
Craig Marykuca 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Rosmarie Marykuca 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Jill McCormick
Troy McDougall
Blair McKinnon 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Laura Mindenhall
Dawn Mitchell
Amanda Moak
Amanda Noel
David Nuttall 250-721-8439 (local: 8439)
Brian O'Hare 250-721-8395 (local: 8395)
Gerry Parker
Neil Patterson
Hieu Phan
David Purcell 250-472-4777 (local: 4777)
Cindy Rainey
Tamara Ramos Gomez
Barbara Rogers
Brian Schmid
Svetlana Sedova
Christine Sotkowy
Veronica Staub 250-721-8437 (local: 8437)
Shannon Stead
Julie Stevenson
Wei Su
Bradley Talbot
Raymond Thomson 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)
Joginder Toora 250-721-8395 (local: 8395)
Dirk van Elsakker
Jeremy Wallace 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)
Betsy Wicks 250-472-4143 (local: 4143)
George Wilks 250-721-8395 (local: 8395)
Bonnie Wu
Paul Yetman 250-721-8444 (local: 8444)