Program Information

Physics and astronomy degree programs

Not all students have the same needs and interests and our degree programs recognize this. We offer:

The "Honours" degrees are the most comprehensive programs offered by the Department. These programs are intended for students who are planning to pursue further studies and specialization beyond the undergraduate level, providing greater depth and breadth than the other degrees and correspondingly, a greater range of career options.

The "Major" degrees are the less intensive options. In the first two years, the course offerings aim to establish a firm grounding in basic physics and mathematics (and the field of the co-major where relevant), with some specialization in the last two years. Graduates from these programs are well prepared to pursue careers in education as well as in industry. With sufficiently high standing, entrance into graduate study is also possible.

Students may also pursue a Minor in Physics by completing the requirements for the General Program in Physics in conjunction with the requirements for an Honours or Major Program offered by another Department. Why not combine History with a Minor in Physics?

To find our more about Course Requirements for the above programs, see the Physics & Astronomy entry in the UVic Course Calendar.