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Manuscripts in UVic Special Collections

The Medieval Book Historian as Archeologist with manuscripts from UVic Special Collections

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Our graduate program

Kevin Tunnicliffe

Receiving the 2014 Andy Farquharson Teaching Excellence Award.

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Our undergraduate program

Meet our awesome undergraduate students.

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Meet our amazing alumni

Baba Brinkman, English graduate and star rapper.

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From classrooms to real life

From Canucks to Polar Bears: The life and times of Humanities' Alumnus of the Year, Lucas Ackroyd.

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English at UVic

Lord Polonius:  What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet:  Words, words, words.
Lord Polonius:  What is the matter, my lord?
Hamlet:  Between who?
Lord Polonius:  I mean, the matter that you read, my lord.
                                           ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Don't let Hamlet mess with you. The "matter," of course, is Literature.

Literature captures us and urges us to reflect upon our relation to the world, to our culture, and to ourselves. In stories, poems, and plays; in epics, romances, and sacred texts; in films, graphic novels, and even video games: we represent who we are through imagination and language. We are, after all, Homo loquens: the creature that uses language in a very special way.

The English Department at UVic proudly offers a wide range of both traditional and cutting-edge courses that tackle literature from a variety of perspectives, with the purpose of feeding your imagination, challenging your intellect, and offering the pleasures of reading.
At the same time, our English courses, whether in literature or Professional Communication, develop your ability to write well, to analyze texts effectively, and to create your own effective texts. These courses will also prepare for you for reading and writing in contexts beyond the classroom and university, wherever clear, competent communication is valued. We are also very strong in Digital Humanities, offering a number of exciting graduate and undergraduate courses that bring together literary and digital studies.



UVic English

The ESA bake sale is happening now in Clearihue. Pick up some sweet treats for a good cause.
This Side of West is taking submissions until Feb. 1!
Meet Erin Donoghue Brooke! Erin is a second-year ENGL Honours student and the Chairperson of the ESA.”The ESA is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and chat about literature. We’re also really excited about publishing the Albatross in March.” When she isn’t doing homework, the Nanaimo native likes to do outdoorsy stuff, like hike to Ammonite Falls.
Shelagh Rogers and other special guests at Yeats 150 Closing Reception, tomorrow.
Our very own ESA at Clubs Day. Come out to their bake sale in CLE on Feb. 1
The Yeats 150 exhibit is coming to a close. Come out to the closing reception and panel discussion with Chancellor Shelagh Rogers. Room 129 of the Mearns Centre of McPherson Library on Jan 28 at 4pm.

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