Gifts policy for archival & manuscript collections

In-kind gifts temporarily suspended

Due to the COVID-19 situation, UVic Libraries buildings are closed until further notice. Given these circumstances, we have suspended acceptance of donations of gifts-in-kind of print and archival materials for the Libraries circulating collections, Special Collections, and University Archives.

Please do not bring donations of gifts-in-kind to UVic Libraries or other campus locations. The University is continuing to follow the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Provincial Health Officer in this rapidly evolving situation.

Thank you for your friendship and support of UVic Libraries.

1.0 General
2.0 Contacts for other donations
3.0 Acceptance guidelines
4.0 Terms of acceptance
5.0 Monetary appraisal guidelines
6.0 Disposal of unwanted items
7.0 Special purchase from private individuals
8.0 Relationship to the University of Victoria Development Office

1.0 General

This policy describes terms and conditions for the donation of archives and manuscripts to the University of Victoria Archives and Special Collections within the McPherson Library. All donations must also conform to the University of Victoria Donations Policy #1730.

Please direct all inquiries to either the Special Collections Librarian (721-8275) or the University Archivist (472-4480).

2.0 Contacts for other donations

  • Monetary Donations
    Contact the University Librarian's Office (250) 721-8211.
  • Books, journals and recordings intended for the McPherson Library or Curriculum Library
    Contact the Gifts in Kind Coordinator (250) 721-8244.
  • Law Donations
    Contact the General Supervisor at the Diana M. Priestly Law Library (250) 721-8562.

3.0 Acceptance guidelines

3.1 Archives and Special Collections welcome inquiries from all donors regarding potential donations of archives and manuscripts. Both units make acquisitions in accordance with their Collections Policies:

3.2 Please be advised that the following will not be accepted:

  • Gifts which have special conditions or restrictions unless agreed to at the time of donation
  • Materials not relevant to the University's curriculum or research activities (see 3.1)
  • Off-prints of articles

3.3 Where possible donated materials should be well organized and include a detailed list of contents.

3.4 All materials should be free of pests, mould and mildew.

4.0 Terms of acceptance

4.1 All donations must be submitted with a Deed of Gift form.

4.2 If a tax appraisal is wanted the donor must indicate this on their signed donation form at the time of submission. (See Section 5)

4.3 If the donor does not wish their name to be associated with the donated materials he or she must indicate this in a note on the donation form at the time of submission.

4.4 Only those materials deemed appropriate for the collections by the Special Collections Librarian and/or University Archivist will be accepted and retained. Duplicate and extraneous materials will not be retained.

4.5 If the donor wishes to pick up any materials that are not accepted he or she must indicate this in a note on the donation form at the time of submission. (See 6.1)

4.6 A charge may be levied for external tax appraisals. (See 5.3, 5.5, 5.6)

4.7 The Special Collections Librarian, University Archivist and/or University Librarian's Office will acknowledge gifts as appropriate.

4.8 A processing time of one to six months may be required for the Special Collections and Archives staff to review donated materials for acceptance.

Monetary appraisal guidelines

5.1 Due to administrative costs a tax receipt will only be issued to donors who have donated a cumulative appraised value of $100 or more over the calendar year.

5.2 Appraisals are to be conducted at arms-length from the donor and be for the fair market value of the works according to the following definition: The price at which an object changes hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, acting independently of each other, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

5.3 In accordance with Revenue Canada regulations, an external appraiser approved by the University (a reputable book dealer or member of the National Archival Appraisal Board) will appraise donations valued at more than $1000.

5.4 Donations valued at under $1000 will be appraised by either the Special Collections Librarian, University Archivist or designate.

5.5 Appraisals conducted by or arranged by UVic Libraries' staff are considered to be final. However, any additional formal appraisal by a qualified appraiser will be taken into consideration if submitted by the donor at the donor's expense.

5.6 Donations that are considered to be of national or provincial importance may be eligible for Cultural Property certification. Due to administrative costs UVic Libraries' staff are only able to pursue such certification if the donated materials are worth more than $10,000. The Cultural Property Review Board requires two appraisals in this case.

5.7 All donors requesting a tax evaluation will receive either (i) a letter from the University Librarian indicating that a tax receipt will be issued by the UVic Development Office, or (ii) notification from Special Collections and/or Archives that the appraised value is less than the minimum required to issue a tax receipt (see 5.1) or that no materials were retained.

6.0 Disposal of unwanted materials

6.1 Unselected materials will disposed of in the manner considered most appropriate by the Special Collections Librarian and/or University Archivist. (See 4.4, 4.5)

7.0 Special purchase from private individuals (Including Library Staff and Faculty)

7.1 Only rare or special materials, manuscripts, or a major collection will be considered for purchase. Such a purchase will be subject to the UVic Libraries' Collections Policies normally used for the consideration of additions to the collections.

7.2 Materials available for purchase from private citizens should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian and/or University Archivist. Consultation with the University Librarian will occur as appropriate. Please note: The budget for special purchases is limited.

7.3 The UVic Libraries comply with the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Guidelines adopted by the Board of Governors on July 31, 1991. The Guidelines state that a member of the University has a conflict of interest when "the conduct of that member may have the effect of directly or indirectly conferring a pecuniary benefit on i) that member or ii) a person to whom that member is related."

The purchase of materials from which a staff member might benefit either directly or indirectly is not permitted.

8.0 Relationship to the University of Victoria Advancement Services

8.1 When a donor requests a tax receipt the Gifts in Kind Coordinator is responsible for submitting a Gift Appraisal for Tax Purposes and a copy of the signed donation form to the Development Office.

8.2 The Development Office offers assistance to the UVic Libraries in dealing with large donations and posthumous or deferred donations of gifts.

8.3 Communication with the Development Office regarding tax receipts should be through the Gifts in Kind Coordinator or the University Librarian's Office.