Gustavson students engaging in business research

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Students play a key role to supporting and improving business and management research at the Gustavson School of Business. We have students at all levels engaging in research, from undergraduate to doctorate students.

Research at the doctoral level is tied to our PhD program. PhD students actively engage in research from year one of their four-year program.

At the undergraduate level, research is tied to our international exchange. Many of our undergraduate students enroll in International Business Research (COM 470) to give students who go on exchange an opportunity to develop their research and writing skills by analyzing a business issue that relates to an international site location. They explore a topic of their choosing, reporting on a phenomenon that affects the entire country or region. Or, they can focus on a specific issue that pertains to a particular private, public or not-for-profit organization.

The best papers from this course are showcased annually in a publication entitled Bachelor of Commerce Best Business Research Papers.


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