Research at Gustavson

Research champions
In good company: Gustavson research champions (L-R) Roy Suddaby, Brock Smith, Monika Winn, Steve Tax and Wade Danis

At Gustavson, we put people first. Our dedicated faculty conduct meaningful research to positively impact people, organizations and societies. True to our heritage and identity, we value diversity, quality and impact in research. 

We strive to enhance research impact in entrepreneurship, social responsibility and sustainability, service management, and international business. We publish many research findings in elite peer-reviewed journals in management, business and a broad range of other disciplines.

At Gustavson, we are happy to be in each other’s company because of the research culture we have created: entrepreneurial in spirit, international at heart, collegial by design.

SEEK: Gustavson research report

SEEK, Gustavson's biennial research report, highlights research by Gustavson faculty, post-doctoral fellows and PhD students. View the full report or explore the research of our featured faculty below. 

Dr. Sara Elias

Sara Elias

Dr. Sara Elias and her co-authors posit that entrepreneurs rely on a collaborative model of product and service development, and demonstrate how in their ethnographic study of arts entrepreneurs. Read more

Dr. Huachao Gao

Huachao Gao

Dr. Huachao Gao’s research focuses on consumers’ identity as a local or global buyer, and the impact that the consumers’ identity has on the sensitivity to price. Read more

Dr. Rick Cotton

Rick Cotton

Dr. Rick Cotton and his co-authors explore theories of how perceived prosocial impact offsets the negative personal outcomes resulting from repeated execution of work tasks involving necessary evils. Read more

Dr. Basma Majerbi

Basma Majerbi

An ambitious research proposal led by Dr. Basma Majerbi recently received federal funding for its innovative and integrated approach to analyzing global financial stability. Read more

Dr. Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang

Dr. Jie Zhang and her co-authors developed a professional service lifecycle model to detail changes in work over time, focusing on Leadership in Energy Environmental Design consulting services. Read more

Dr. Simon Pek

Simon Pek

Dr. Simon Pek and his co-authors built on a multi-disciplinary research base to expand understanding of how stigmatized identity is negotiated in the workplace. Read more