Research at Gustavson



Gustavson is committed to research that makes a difference: for communities, organizations, people and academia.

Our research prioritizes asking fundamental questions, ones that have the potential to shift how we think of business and management. With a firm commitment to multidisciplinary research, we recognize that management problems rarely occur in isolation, and bring this collaborative perspective to bear on complex research topics.

Embedded within a young, energetic business school that values innovation, international learning, integrative approaches, and sustainability and social responsibility, our research program reflects this ethos through a collegial atmosphere and close-knit faculty.

Dunning Africa Fellow

Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi

Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi uses new fellowship to “shift the emphasis from what Africa possesses to people-centric issues.”
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The Power of Social Enterprises

Natalie Slawinski

Natalie Slawinski had been studying large corporations in the oil and gas sector and their response to climate change, but learning the story of Fogo Island put her on a different course. Read more

Rapid Response

Andrew Park

Andrew Park and his co-authors explore the traits that made AbCellera CEO Carl Hansen successful in the pharmaceutical industry and that allowed him to rapidly respond to COVID-19. Read more

Sustainable Global Supply Chains

Adel Guitouni

Adel Guitouni, alongside post-docs Cynthia Waltho and Mohammadreza Nematollahi, identify opportunities to improve global supply chains in crisis. Read more


Featured Publications

Interested in recent research at Gustavson? Here are just a few of our faculty's recently published papers.

King, M., & Dunbar, C. (2023). Syndicate Structure and IPO Outcomes: The Impact of Underwriter Roles and Syndicate Concentration. Journal of Corporate Finance.

Brenton, J. & Slawinski, N. (2023). Collaborating for Community Regeneration: Facilitating Partnerships in, Through, and for Place. J Bus Ethics. 

Pesch, R., Ipek, E. & Fitzsimmons, S. (2023). Be a hero: Employ refugees like a pragmatist. Organizational Dynamics, 52(1), 100912. 

Gao, H.C., Jia, M. H., & Guo, B. (2023). Resources Available for Me versus Us: Implications for Mitigating Consumer Food Waste. Journal of Marketing Research.

Easter, S., Murphy, M. & Brannen, M.Y. (2023). Negotiating Meaning Systems in Multi-stakeholder Partnerships Addressing Grand Challenges: Homelessness in Western Canada. J Bus Ethics 183(1), 31–52. 

Nachum, L., Stevens, C., Newenham-Kahindi, A., Lundan, S., Rose, E. & Wantchekon, L. (2022). Africa rising: Opportunities for advancing theory on people, institutions, and the nation state in international business. Journal of International Business Studies.