Business research at Gustavson

Sudhir Nair and Wade Danis
Drs. Wade Danis, Associate Professor and Sudhir Nair, Assistant Professor

Producing outstanding business research

One of the key strengths of the Gustavson School of Business is the research ability of faculty members. This capability demonstrates itself in research that not only informs the practices of business and management, but also creates a better learning environment for our students and stakeholders. 

For a listing of our researchers, visit our faculty directory and PhD student pages. 

How can we facilitate serendipity?

Dr. Wade Danis has been working with Dr. Sudhir Nair on international entrepreneurship, specifically those enterprises that “go global” early and quickly, particularly in emerging economies, such as India and China. “Entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of powering … economic transition,” says Dr. Danis, “so it’s important to know how these entrepreneurs compete on the world economic stage.” Read more

Sometimes knockoffs kick innovation up a notch

Look closely at that cell phone your neighbour bought for a low price at a street market while travelling. It seems familiar, yet different. Is it a copycat? Or is it counterfeit? This is the focus of one stream of Dr. Linda Shi’s research.

What’s the difference? Read more

A research approach that avoids ‘silos of doom’

Dr. Steve Tax likes to look at questions from many directions.

“If you look at [a problem] from one functional perspective, or what a colleague called the ‘silos of doom’, you’re going to come up with a bad solution. I’m always interested, coming from marketing, what an HR or operations perspective is.” Read more 

Co-creating a good health care experience can influence patient behaviour

Dr. Uzay Damali didn’t set out to study business, he started in engineering when he did his undergraduate degree in Turkey. When contemplating grad school, he was drawn to business research because of its conceptual, abstract nature, and how operations management lived on the boundary of business and engineering. Read more

The real payoffs of cross-border shopping

Every time our loonie gets more valuable relative to the US dollar, the long weekend line-ups get longer at border crossings, as Canadians seek the fluctuation’s payoff – buying more for less at, say, an American Target store. 

Canadian retailers express considerable concern at exchange rate changes and cross-border shopping, offering catastrophic numbers to urge policy makers to regulate down-south shopping sprees.

While big price differences may be amplified by an exchange rate roller coaster, Economist Dr. Jen Baggs says, “Retailers may not be as affected as you might think.’” Read more

An ongoing video series showcasing the passion and commitment of Peter B. Gustavson School of Business researchers.

2014 Reed Centre Best Applied Paper Award

Congratulations to our Gustavson colleagues, Yan Shen and Rick Cotton on receiving the Reed Centre Best Applied Paper Award at the 2014 Academy of Management Careers Division in Philadelphia, PA for their paper titled: Advancing the Study of Developmental Networks to Include Developer Types and Person-Network Fit! Read more 

Dr. Monika Winn, Gustavson Leaders of Excellence (In Research) Award 2014

The Gustavson School of Business recognizes research excellence through its Gustavson Leader of Excellence (In Research) Award. This award is held for a three-year term and is announced annually at the School of Business’ Festival of Distinction Award in May. 

Congratulations to Dr. Monika Winn, who is the 2014 recipient of the award. Following work on stakeholder conflicts, her globally recognized research more recently has focused on how climate change affects businesses and how firms can adapt to it. Her current work builds on that expertise from a slightly different angle.  Her current work builds on that expertise from a slightly different angle.  Dr. Winn has seen, in more than 20 years of scientific research on biodiversity and ecosystems, unequivocal evidence that genetic and functional diversity of life on Earth is critical for ecosystems to function and to continue to provide the resources and services needed for human well-being. In her own research, Dr. Winn examines the risks that businesses face when biodiversity is lost and ecosystems are degraded, leading initiatives and opportunities to transform current business models, and which competences will allow firms to manage biodiversity and support ecosystem resilience. She teaches Business and Sustainability courses in Gustavson’s core curricula to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students at Gustavson. 

Dr. Graham Brown was last year’s recipient of the Gustavson Scholar for Research Excellence. Dr. Brown’s research focuses on territoriality and psychological ownership. He applies these two threads to a variety of research topics including negotiation, creativity, and workplace conflict. His recent research focuses on the impact that feelings of ownership have on innovation and new venture success with the thesis that feelings of ownership are both positive in that they propel efforts but simultaneously negative in that they create resistance to help and feedback from others. His work has been published in the Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and featured in Harvard Business Review online. His teaching focus is in the areas of human resource management, leadership and negotiation and he applies these concepts to help others discover and use their passion to lead and create.

Dr. Wade Danis received this previously in 2012 (inaugural year) and holds the title for 1 more year.

Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons received the prestigious 2013 International Human Resources Scholarly Research Award

Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons has won the International Human Resources Scholarly Research award from the Academy of Management. This award is given to the most significant article in international human resource management published in the past year (2013) in recognized journals and research annuals. She received this award in August 2014 in Philadelphia, at the Academy of Management awards ceremony.

Stacey Fitzsimmons' research objective is to improve the way people work with others across cultures. Her current research examines how bicultural and multicultural employees contribute to global teams and organizations. She is also interested in the multi-level influence of organizational context on outcomes driven by bicultural employees.

Stacey's research has been published in top journals including Academy of Management Review, Human Resource Management Review, Organization Studies, and Organizational Dynamics.

Stacey teaches in the areas of cross-cultural management, organizational behaviour and human resources, at undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining the University of Victoria, she was an assistant professor at Western Michigan University.