Research at Gustavson



Gustavson is committed to research that makes a difference: for communities, organizations, people and academia.

Our research prioritizes asking fundamental questions, ones that have the potential to shift how we think of business and management. With a firm commitment to multidisciplinary research, we recognize that management problems rarely occur in isolation, and bring this collaborative perspective to bear on complex research topics.

Embedded within a young, energetic business school that values innovation, international learning, integrative approaches, and sustainability and social responsibility, our research program reflects this ethos through a collegial atmosphere and close-knit faculty.

Stakeholders Take Charge

Matt Murphy

Dr. Matt Murphy takes readers to Peru on a case study exploring stakeholder influence over firms through use of community vigour and pooled knowledge. 
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Building Ecological Knowledge

Saeed Rahman

Dr. Saeed Rahman is the fifth graduate of our Doctor of International Management program. His dissertation research explores business/ecosystem integration. 
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UVic President's Chair

Simon Pek

Dr. Simon Pek received the UVic President's Chair, an award recognizing faculty for research distinction, research-inspired teaching and community-university engagement. Read more

Diversity at Work

Stacey Fitzsimmons

Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons shares two papers exploring the special knowledge and unique workplace contributions of employees rooted in more than one culture. 
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Featured Publications

Interested in recent research at Gustavson? Here are just a few of our faculty's recently published papers.

Minbaeva, D., Fitzsimmons, S. R., & Brewster, C. (2021). Beyond the Double-edged Sword of Cultural Diversity in Teams: Progress, Critique and Next Steps. Journal of International Business Studies. 

Cotton, R. Shen, Y. and colleagues. (2021). Human capital development practices and career success: The moderating role of country development and income inequality. Journal of Organizational Behavior. 

Chen, G., Chittoor, R., & Vissa, B. (2020). Does Nepotism run in the Family? CEO Pay and Pay-Performance Sensitivity in Indian Family Firms. Strategic Management Journal.

Rocha, H., Pirson, M., & Suddaby, R. (2020). Business with Purpose and the Purpose of Business Schools: A Conversation with Jay Coen Gilbert, Raymond Miles, Christian Felber, Raj Sisodia, Paul Adler and Charles Wookey. Journal of Management Inquiry

Murphy, M., Danis, W., M., Mack, J., & Sayers, J. (2020). From principles to action: Community-based entrepreneurship in Toquaht Nation. Journal of Business Venturing.

Yu, X., Huang, H., Liu, S.Q. & Lu, Z. (2020). Signaling authenticity of ethnic cuisines via handwriting. Annals of Tourism Research.   

Lu, Z., Bolton, L., Ng, S., & Chen, H. (Allan). (2020). The Price of Power: How Firm’s Market Power Affects Perceived Fairness of Price Increases. Journal of Retailing.