Study abroad/visiting students


“Living in Canada and studying at UVic was an absolute privilege that I will never forget. The memories and adventures that I had experienced helped form my character and gave me a great deal of confidence.” – Annika, European University Viadrina, Germany

Application Checklist

  • Fill out the Study Abroad Application Form online at
  • Please send one passport sized colour photo to Christina Hernandez at
    • Application Deadline:
      • Summer Term (May-Aug): Mar. 31
      • Fall Term (Sept-Dec): Apr. 30
      • Spring Term (Jan-Apr): Sep. 30

Important dates:

Please refer to the University Academic Important Dates website for more specific term information.      

Admitted, what’s next?

May – June (Fall semester) / September – October (Spring Term)

  • Change your spam/junk filters to accept all mail from
  • Apply for a study permit (not required if you are here for less than 6 months, but recommended)
  • Submit a photo for your student ID (ONE Card)

July – August (Fall semester) / November – December (Spring Term)

  • Register with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL), if required
  • Attend the business specific webinar 

Upon Arrival

  • Move in and get settled
  • Pick up your student ID (ONE Card)
  • Attend Incoming International Student Business Orientation and other orientation programs
  • Enrol in the BC Medical Service Plan, if staying for two semesters

After Arrival

  • Pay your tuition and student fees
  • Opt-out of the health and dental plan, if required
  • Solidify your course schedule


Study Permit and VISA

A Study Permit is required for any international student attending school for longer than 6 months. Students of some countries require an Entry Visa (regardless of length of stay) in addition to a Study Permit. Please contact a Canadian Embassy to confirm requirements. For a list of Canadian Consulates and Embassies, please visit the following link: Even though students staying less than 6 months do not require a study permit, we strongly recommend they apply for one for greater flexibility.

Mandatory Temporary Medical Insurance (MTMI)

MTMI is a temporary basic health insurance plan administered through that provides emergency medical insurance coverage for international students who are new to UVic. This plan covers required medical services to address new and unexpected illness or injury. Refer to the following link for information about benefits:

Options for Accommodation


You will be placed with a Canadian host family who will provide housing, meals and an opportunity to learn the local lifestyle. This will cost approximately $950 CAD/month (including food). For more information, please visit:

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing priority is given to visiting students who are registered in a minimum of 4 business courses. Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis. This will cost approximately $930 CAD/month (including starter meal plan). For more information, please visit the following link:                                                                                                                               

Off-Campus Housing

For more independence, students can search for off-campus accommodations through the following website of UVic Off-Campus Housing:

Renting an apartment, basement suite or condo can range from $800 - $1200 CAN/month (not including food).

Beyond the beaten path

Nature enthusiasts can access hidden gems on the island and in BC by bike, by foot, and even by horseback! Canada has a Great Trail that spans 13 provinces and territories and connects 24,000 km of trail.

Great Trail:

Road to 150:

Encounter wilderness

You do not have to look past your backyard to find wild animals such as deer. If you wish to see wildlife in its natural habitat, there are bear and whale watching tours for the nature enthusiasts. You can even go snorkeling with the salmon! Discover Vancouver Island:

West Coast nature

Vancouver Island is unmatched in its beauty, nature, and wilderness. You can easily access the ocean and breathtaking wildlife within a short walk from campus. Provincial parks, surfing, and the rainforests are also not too far away. Super, Natural, British Columbia:

Meet new friends

Take part in the Commerce Student Society’s (CSS) Buddy Program and make some new friends. You can also meet locals and other Canadians by joining the MIIISsion Impossible sustainability challenge and the CSS events throughout the semester.

Exciting travel destinations

During the weekends, you can travel to destinations that aren’t too far from Victoria. You can surf the ocean in Tofino one weekend, see a baseball game in Seattle the next weekend, and cycle along the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver. During Reading Break, students in the past have traveled as far as Banff, Niagara Falls, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Quick links

Tourism Victoria

Destination BC - British Columbia

Lonely Planet – British Columbia

Destination BC - Victoria

The Great Trail

Tuition and related fees:                                                     

Application Fee (undergraduate): CAD $142.00           

Cost per course: CAD $2,939.01

Acceptance Deposit: CAD $200.00


Student fees:                                            

UVic Students’ Society Extended Health Plan: CAD $180.00 (per year)

UVic Students’ Society Dental Plan: CAD $180.00 (per year)

Mandatory Temporary Medical Insurance: CAD $265.00

Anxillary fees: CAD $290.78


Please click HERE for more information about UVSS student fees.

*All fees are based on the 2021-22 rate. Please note that these are subject to change.

Each course is worth 1.5 units (6 ECTS credits). Five courses (7.5 units or 30 ECTS credits) is a full load and three courses (4.5 units or 18 ECTS credits) is the minimum course load for international students. A list of business courses open to study abroad students will be available in early spring. Course selection is completed prior to arrival and the GSB International will register students in their courses. Changes may be made during orientation, but selection will be limited. 

If you wish to work in Canada during your studies, you may work on-campus with a study permit if you meet all the eligibility criteria. Depending on your country of citizenship, you may also apply for a work permit through International Experience Canada (IEC) which, if approved, would allow you to work before, during, and after your studies. Learn more information about IEC.

“Living in Canada and studying at UVic was an absolute privilege that I will never forget. The memories and adventures that I had experienced helped form my character and gave me a great deal of confidence.” – Annika, European University Viadrina, Germany

“I was having the greatest time of my life here in Canada. German writer J.W. v. Goethe once said: The best education for a clever person is found in travel. I think all of us had great moments and gained unforgettable experiences. We all have a greater mindset and more expertise to share.” – Daniel, University of Kassel, Germany

“I had such a great time at UVic and I already miss it. Victoria is really one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and the learning atmosphere at the university cannot be better. Surrounded by the ocean and the incredible nature and wildlife, all the professors are so dedicated and the people are stunningly nice. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and I know I will never forget my time in Victoria.” – Franziska, University of Passau, Germany