You have three choices when looking for housing in Victoria: homestay, on-campus and off-campus. In deciding which option is best for you, consider cost, convenience, and your lifestyle. For example, many international students choose the homestay option when they first arrive in Canada, but then choose to rent a house or an apartment with roommates later once they’ve familiarized themselves with Victoria. Refer to the various options below. All fees are subject to change.

Homestay is a popular option for international students. Through the homestay program, you are matched with a Canadian family. As a welcome member of their home, you eat meals with them, have your own private, furnished room, participate in their activities and often create lasting friendships. Visit the homestay program to get more information or to apply. The fees include a one-time $250 application fee paid to the homestay program and $950 per month to the host family.

UVic operates three types of on-campus accommodation for students: dormitory buildings, cluster units and family housing. For information on each of these options, important dates, fees, deadlines and online application forms, please visit the Residence Services website. On-campus housing is guaranteed for first-year high school graduates, so residence space is limited.  The residence fees are as follows:

Single dormitory bedroom                     $5,712.00 per term (includes a mandatory meal plan)
Double dormitory bedroom                    $5,007.00 per term (includes a mandatory meal plan)
Bachelor dormitory apartment               $3,492.00 per term 
One bedroom dormitory apartment        $4,360.00 per term
Cluster bedroom                                   $3,477.00 per term

All residents are required to pay a $250 security deposit that is held by Residence Services for the duration of your stay. 
Also, you must pay a $500 acceptance fee non-refundable deposit within 7 days of the date of any room offer.

If you prefer more independent living off campus, you may choose from an apartment, suite, house, or shared accommodation rental. You can check for available accommodation on the off-campus housing listings. However, please be cautious of committing to a rental agreement or paying rental fees before you have inspected the accommodation in person as housing quality varies. The following are average rental prices in Victoria:

Bachelor apartment             $600 - $800
One bedroom apartment      $850 - $1,000
Two bedroom apartment      $950 - $1,300

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant
When entering into a rental agreement in British Columbia, you, as the tenant, and the landlord each have legal rights and responsibilities. Find information at the Residential Tenancy Branch and in the Tenant Survival Guide (available in many languages) at the Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre.

For more information visit Off - Campus Housing