Health insurance

Your health and wellness are important to us. We want to ensure you can see a doctor or receive medical treatment with the least expense and trouble. Please take these steps to ensure you have health insurance coverage:

As a new resident of British Columbia, you are required to enrol in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) within the first 10 days of your arrival in Canada. Instructions, application forms and information about premiums are available on the BC Medical Services Plan website. Our international student adviser can assist you. Once you’ve applied for BC MSP, there is a three month waiting period before you get your BC Services Card and your BC MSP is activated. So during this waiting period, you must have other health insurance.

Extended health insurance covers some of the cost of vision and dental care, prescription drugs and services from specialists such as a chiropractor, a naturopath or a psychologist. If you are an undergraduate student, you receive extended health insurance through the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) Health and Dental Plan. If you are a graduate student, you receive extended health insurance through the Graduate Student's Society (GSS) Health and Dental Plan.

If you are eligible, you will be automatically enrolled and billed on your UVic fee statement. Remember, extended health insurance does not replace basic health insurance.

If you already have equivalent extended health or dental insurance, you can opt out of the health and dental plan during your first term at UVic.

Once you renew your Study Permit, you may also need to renew your BC MSP. Check the expiry date on your BC Services Card. Then, if necessary, send a copy of your new study permit to BC MSP with your updated mailing address to ensure your insurance coverage continues. They will mail you a new BC Services Card in about six weeks.

UVic Health, part of the Student Wellness Centre, is located at the Health and Wellness Building. International students can access same-day or pre-booked appointments with doctors or nurses. All student visits and medical records are private and confidential