Work Term Challenge FAQ's

When is the Work Term Challenge?

You can use previous work you performed during any time period that occurred before you entered the 3rd year core of the BCom program in your Work Term Challenge Application (the work doesn’t need to occur during the summer before you enter the core), as long as it meets the criteria.

You may obtain credit for the first of your three work terms only, and you must apply to Challenge a work term during your first academic term of the 3rd year core of the BCom program. See the Undergraduate Calendar, for more details.

I haven’t completed COM 204 yet, so can I still apply for Work Term Challenge?

Yes, if you are entering the 3rd year core this fall. All 3rd year students (who did not take COM 204 in 2nd year as a Pre-Core student) will take COM 204 in the fall semester of their 3rd year core courses, and are eligible to apply for work term Challenge credit at that time. See the Co-op & Career Program Manual in CourseSpaces, for more information.

I registered my first Co-op work term as a Pre-Core student before I started the 3rd year core. Can I still apply for course Challenge credit?

You may obtain credit only for the first of your three work terms in one of three ways – either by completing a registered Pre-Core work term, or by the Work Term Challenge process, or by Transfer Credit. Students are required to complete at least two of their work terms in 3rd or 4th year as part of their degree program. See the Undergraduate Calendar, for more details

I don’t have enough hours at my last job to meet the 420 hour minimum. Can I combine more than one employment experience for Work Term Challenge?

Yes - you may combine two employers, as long as the time at each together equals the 420 hours minimum; but please note that you will need to provide two sets of documentation (Summary of Work Experience, Employer’s Evaluation, and Employment Confirmation Letter). You will, however, need to choose only one employment experience to write about in your Challenge Work Term Report.

I worked part time for several years at the same company. Can I use that work experience for Work Term Challenge?

You can use previous part time work from any time period in your Challenge application, as long as it totals a minimum of 420 hours, and it meets the remaining criteria.

My supervisor is no longer there. Who should complete the online evaluation?

If you are still in contact with your former supervisor, please ask them to complete the evaluation. They will need to enter the company information where you worked together, but they should enter their current email and phone number in case we need to contact them. If you are no longer in contact with them, you may ask another manager, or a co-worker to complete the evaluation - whoever you choose to evaluate you needs to be able to confirm the information on your application.

My supervisor says the online evaluation form cuts-off some of the questions, and it doesn’t have a “submit” button. What’s wrong?

Suggest they try a different Internet browser. Some people experience difficulties using Internet Explorer, but the form works well with Firefox.

Can I submit my Record of Employment (ROE) as my Employment Confirmation Letter?

Wherever possible, we prefer a current signed letter from your employer on their company letterhead which confirms the total duration you worked including the criteria posted at our web site; however, we may accept an ROE or equivalent document that confirms the completed employment criteria. If unsure, please prior to the application deadline.

Does my Employment Confirmation Letter have to be in English?

Yes. If any of your required documents are not in English, please provide both the original document and a translated version indicating the language of the original document, so that we can verify the translation.

Can I be finishing my work experience up to the deadline to apply for Work Term Challenge?

Your application must include documentation that you completed a minimum of 420 hours of work prior to your entry to the 3rd year core, and met the criteria for Challenge.

What if I own my own business? Can I use that to apply for Work Term Challenge?

Yes, as long as you have supporting documents that prove your work experience meets the criteria. Please review the Challenge application information for Entrepreneurial students in the Co-op & Career Program Manual in CourseSpaces, and the ENT Challenge Business Plan Guidelines form for more information. If unsure, please prior to the application deadline.

Do I have to Challenge my first Work Term?

No. In fact, many students choose NOT to obtain credit for their first work term, and instead complete three Co-op work terms during their 3rd and 4th years, thereby gaining additional valuable industry experience and contacts. Early in the fall semester of 3rd year, we encourage you to meet with your Co-op Coordinator to discuss your personal career goals in order to determine whether you will benefit from completing three Co-op work terms. If you decide not to apply for Work Term Challenge, we recommend you consult a BCom Academic Advisor to discuss your academic schedule.

What if my Work Term Challenge application is not approved?

While we are unable to guarantee approval of Challenge applications, we do post the criteria on our website to assist applicants. Please also see the Undergraduate Calendar for further details; and be sure to before the application deadline, if you have additional questions/concerns.

Can I submit my Work Term Challenge Application early?

Yes - students may apply to Challenge a work term anytime during their first academic term of the 3rd year core of the BCom program. We begin accepting applications from 3rd year core students in early September - the fall application deadline is posted on our website and in in the Co-op & Career Program Manual in CourseSpaces. We are unable to accept applications any earlier.

Do I have to pay for Work Term Challenge?

Yes. All BCom students pay their Co-op tuition fees on an installment basis. Students who obtain credit for COM 001 (their first work term) via Challenge pay one less tuition installment. All tuition and student fees are managed by Accounting Services at UVic. Please contact Accounting Services for information about your individual tuition installment plan.