Student testimonials

Here are what a few students have said about their experiences in the Dual Degree program. 

“First and foremost Canadians in my experience are very welcoming to foreigners and willing to help out. That goes even more so for everybody working at the university, so incoming students should not hesitate to ask for help. Secondly, Vancouver Island is beautiful. Dual Degree students should not let themselves be too consumed by the university and find time to enjoy the beauty around them.”

Lennart Lϋke-Sieger, UW/H  

“My home university has a lot of dual degree partners in US, Canada and Australia. I chose UVic because of its good reputation, the co-op program and the safety issue. I expected the dual degree program could add value to my degree, improve my English skills and make more friends around the world. The cross-cultural teamwork, case-based and project-based study and exchange experience are the most valuable parts for me. It developed my global awareness, cross-culture communication and problem-solving skills. I’ve learned the key to bridging the cultural gaps is to build trust and to create shared value in a diverse team.”

Yue (Susan) Liang, BJTU  

The most beneficial thing would be the experience interacting with people from different background. Be curious, be hardworking and be interesting are the three things I learned from business school and still the best status at every role in my opinion.”

Yang He, East China Normal University  

One time I told the professor that ‘I can’t understand what the reports say, I don’t really understand the content of the lessons and I need explanation.’ The professor was glad to help and explained everything. When you ask the professors for help even when you don’t understand why you’re struggling, I experienced that there can still be a big change and professors would even evaluate and commend you for trying. Not only will graduating from the BCom give you a foreign degree, but you can also earn valuable overseas working experience, which can make the difference when looking for a job. For students like me who are thinking of working in the North American financial industry, this is a huge advantage for my future.”

Shusuke Takamizawa, Meiji University  

The three mandatory co-op terms in the program caught my attention right away. I was considering working overseas after graduation so the co-op terms could be a huge help if I want to find full time jobs afterwards. I also know that dual degree students got hired because of their intercultural communication skills.”

Chao Wang, University of International Business and Economics  

I have had a great time at Gustavson. The cohort structure and project teams encourage the development of teamwork and communication skills. In addition, the faculty arranges lots of networking events and competitive case competitions to help you prepare for your professional career. The staff at Gustavson is very helpful and always available for any questions related to the program, your co-op, or even immigration documents and the Canadian culture.”

Yannick Kessels, Radboud University