Tuition and fees


The Dual Degree program could save at least 50% of the tuition and fees for an international student to get a bachelor degree in Canada. Here are the approximate expenses for international students and dual degree students in the BCom program for two years.

Item Cost
Year 3 Academic Expenses* $35,610
Year 4 Academic Expenses $34,247
Year 3 Living Expenses $10,000
Year 4 Living Expenses $10,000
Total Cost $89,857
Co-op Potential Earnings** -$33,600
Potential Net Expenses $56,257

*This estimate includes tuition, co-op fee, program fee, Student Society fee, Dental, and Health

**Average co-op salary per month. Co-op terms are four months in length. 

Please note: All fees are based on the 2021-2022 rate (in Canadian Dollars). These are only estimates and are subject to change. All amounts of co-op income are estimations based on the average co-op student salary and considering average homestay expenses. The average co-op salary being $2,800 a month (pre-income tax) and average homestay expenses being $950 a month. The three co-op terms (9-12 months) would not only give the student an opportunity to get work experience in Canada but also the co-op income could cover more than 30% of the tuition.

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