Become a mentor

Mentor, Betty-Ann Thomson
Mentor, Betty-Ann Thomson

Our Mentorship Program only succeeds with the personal support provided by members of the business community, many are Gustavson alumni. This willingness of mentors to "give back" leads students to speak of their mentor relationships as "the best thing that happened to them" during their time at Gustavson.

This significant impact is echoed by mentor declarations who often say, "I think I got more out of our relationship than my mentee." You can read more comments on the mentoring stories page.

The program creates marvelous outcomes for both student and mentor, and it all begins with the willingness to become involved as a mentor.

We welcome new mentors.

Our expectations: are you willing to. . .

You are not expected to . . .

Our mentoring relationships are intended to provide a mutually satisfying experience of connecting, learning and growing. This is based on mutual agreement to matching that fully meets the interests and needs of both mentor and student.

Our mentor group represents an amazing range of diversity and experience. Mentors new to our program become part of a growing and vibrant network.

If this sounds like an experience you would like to get involved in or if you just would like to learn more, let's talk. Please email