Business strategy at work at Gustavson

sized-strategic-plan-banner.jpgThe Gustavson School of Business prides itself on embracing change. It is dedicated to providing a non-traditional business education and a dynamic learning environment that develops principled managers and leaders who can drive innovation and social change.

To achieve our Winning Aspiration, the Gustavson School of Business works collaboratively to develop a clear statement of purpose, which ensures that our promise and priorities reflect our plans for the future.

Here is our strategic plan for 2019-2023:

Our Pillars

Being appreciative, well-informed and perceptive of the diverse, complex world we live in and having the skill-set required to succeed in it. 

Having a deep understanding of the fundamental areas of business combined with an awareness of how these areas continuously interact with one another and the abilities to use this knowledge. 

Being flexible and creative to view the world, issues and opportunities from different perspectives and secure enough to take risks and try new things.

Socially responsible/sustainable:
Having the awareness to consider and the skills to incorporate the economic, environmental and social consequences of decisions in business and personal contexts. 

Our Winning Aspiration

Together we transform lives.

Our Promise

Our Priorities

  1. Improve our Educational Experience based on our four pillars: IIIS.
  2. Support and encourage Scholarship aligned with our areas of focus.
  3. Increase our Reputation in the markets in which we operate.
  4. Strengthen and leverage our connections with our Community.

Cultural Values

Download our current Strategic Plan and copies from years past: