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Add or edit bookmarks

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  1. To add a bookmark, click on Add Bookmark. Note: If you had bookmarks in uSource, they will not automatically be migrated. To request a migration, click on the link provided.

  2. When you sign in to UVic your status is shown at the top of participating websites. You can use the Bookmark this page link to add the current page to your Bookmarks area, which is usually found in your “My Home” collection.

  3. Enter a Name and Url for your bookmark and include any necessary notes, if you wish. If you would like the web page to open in a new window, select Open in new window. When you are finished, click Save.

  4. To edit your bookmark, click on Show Edit. You can then click on the pencil to edit or X to delete.

  5. Enter a Name and necessary notes for your bookmark folder, and then click Save.

  6. When adding a bookmark, be sure to indicate which folder it should be created in.