Seminars and events

Upcoming Events Time Location
Stellar Hydro Days May 29-June 2, 2017 Victoria, BC
TRIUMF 2017 Summer School July 24- August 4, 2017 Vancouver, BC
CASCA 2018 TBD Victoria, BC
Ongoing Events Time Location
UVic Physics and Astronomy
Wednesdays @ 3:00pm UVic, ELL067
Astronomy Grad Student Seminar Fridays @ 2:30pm UVic, ELL162
NRC Herzberg Seminar Series Tuesdays @ 11:00am NRC-H, LCR
NRC DRAO Seminar Series Mondays @ 3:00am NRC DRAO
UVic Astronomy coffee Fridays @ 10:30am UVic, ELL401

Cafe Scientifique

First Tuesday of the month
Hermann's Jazz Club
Past Events Time Location
Professional Skills for
Women in Science Workshop
Apr 12, 2017 UVic, ELL 162
TMT Second Generation Instrumentation
(TMT2G) Workshop
Dec 10, 2015 UVic, ECS 124
RAVEN Workshop Nov 25, 2015 UVic, DTB A144