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Our people

SON facultySchool faculty members on convocation day

Learn more about us!

The University of Victoria School of Nursing prides itself on its outstanding people. The School's faculty and staff is comprised of committed educators, learners, researchers and administrators who share the common aim of supporting innovative and accessible nursing education.

Browse the directory tabs below to find alphabetic listings of faculty and staff. Click on the names to access profile pages to learn about our roles within the School, our teaching and research activities and philosophies, as well as our publications and projects. Here you will also find contact information to help you connect - and stay connected - with each of us.

School of Nursing directory:


Elizabeth Banister | Professor

Katherine Bertoni | Assistant Teaching Professor

Anne Bruce | Associate Professor

Gweneth Doane | Professor

Karen Evers-Fahey | Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director, Undergraduate Education

Barbara Fox | Assistant Teaching Professor

Noreen Frisch | Director and Professor

Marcia Hills | Professor

Mary Lougheed | Assistant Teaching Professor

Marjorie MacDonald | Professor

Karen MacKinnon | Associate Professor

Anastasia Mallidou | Assistant Professor

Lenora Marcellus | Assistant Professor

Carol McDonald | Associate Professor

Jeannine Moreau | Assistant Teaching Professor

Wendy Neander | Assistant Teaching Professor

Bernie Pauly | Associate Professor and Associate Director, Research and Scholarship

Mary Ellen Purkis | Professor and Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Developement

James Ronan | Assistant Professor

Maureen Ryan | Assistant Teaching Professor

Esther Sangster-Gormley | Associate Professor

Margaret Scaia | Assistant Teaching Professor

Robin Scobie | Assistant Teaching Professor

Rita Schreiber | Professor and Associate Director, Graduate Education

Debra Sheets | Associate Professor

Laurene Sheilds | Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Development

Kelli Stajduhar | Associate Professor and Associate Director, Research and Scholarship

Rosalie Starzomski | Professor

Deborah Thoun | Associate Professor

Coby Tschanz | Assistant Teaching Professor

Madeline Walker | Writing Scholar

Lynne Young |  Professor


Darcee Bidgood, BSN, MSN
Areas of interest: Hospice palliative end of life care including interprofessional practice

Elizabeth Borycki, RN, HBScN, MN, PhD
Areas of interest: Nursing informatics, clinical informatics, human factors, information needs, change management, quality improvement, information management and information technology management

Robert Calnan, RN, BScN, MEd
Areas of interest: Leadership, quality professional practive environments, professional organizations, advanced nursing practice

Brenda Canitz, BScN, NP, BA, MSc
Areas of interest: Health care service design, multidisciplinary teams plus rural and remote health care

Alyse Capron, BSN, MN
Areas of interest: Nursing informatics

Cheryl Cherpitel, BSN, MPH, PhD
Areas of interest: Consultation, research design and data analysis

Gerrit Clements, BA, LLB
Areas of interest: Health care law

Eileen Greene, BSN, MSN
Areas of interest: Home of Good Hope Project, Namibia, Africa, mental health and international nursing

Lynn Guengerich, BSN, MSN, NP(F)

Su Er Guo, BSN, MSN, PhD
Areas of interest: Multivariate analysis and other quantitative methods in research

Kathryn Hannah, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD
Areas of interest: Nursing and healthcare informatics, electronic nursing documentation

June Kaminski, BScN, MScN, PhD

Yassmin Kandil, BA, MFA
Areas of interest: consultation, resources development

Stanley Marchuk, BSN, MN, NP(F)
Areas of interest: Nephrology, curriculum development

Wayne Mitic, MA, MHEd, PhD (Ed.D)
Areas of interest: Chronic disease prevention, utilization-focused evaluation

Lesley Moss, RN, BA, MA
Areas of interest: leadership, management, organizational behavior

Areas of interest: Teaching, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy

Barbara Radons, BSN, MN, NP(F)
Areas of interest: Clinical teaching, preceptorship for nurse practitioner students

Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham,BSN, MScN, PhD

Darelene Sanderson, BSN, MA, PhD
Areas of interest: Indigenous research methodologies, water policy development and traditional knowledge

Richard Sawatzky, RN, PhD
Areas of interest: methods of patient-reported outcmes and quality of life measurement,

Blair Stanley, MD, BSC, FCFP
Areas of interest: Interprofessional learning experiences and research activities

Lynn Stevenson, BSN, MA, PhD
Areas of interest: Leadership, practice, quality and safety

Sheila Turris, BHS, MScN, DNP, FNP
Areas of interest: Vunerable populations in urban centres

Lori Vergin, BScN, MN

Laura Vicol, BSN, MN, NP(F)

Marie Anne Weatherby, BSN, MN, NP(F)
Areas of interest: support for patients with chronic disease, comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management of older adults


Michele Agostinelli, BSN

Christina Bailey, BSN

Sarah Baker, RN, BScN

Susan Beiderwieden, BSN, MEd

Brenda Canitz, BSN, NP, MSc

Elsie Chan, MA

Gerrit Clements, JD

Patricia Clark, BSN

Mary Converse, BSN, MN

Kim Daly, BSN, MA

Laurie Dokis, RN, BSN, MN (ANP)

Margaret Eastman, RN, BSN, MN, CAE

Pasquale Fiore, BSN, MN

Eileen Greene, BSN, MEd

Carolyn Hammond, RN, MN

Krisitie Harding, BSN

Martha Haylor, RN, BSN, MN, MS, PhD

Lona Heinzig, RN, BSN, MA

Heather Hepworth, BSc, RN, MN

Maureen Hobbs, RN, BSN, MN
Melissa Holland, RN, BScN

Deborah Hollands-MacKinnon, BSN, MScN

Karen Hoskyn, BSN

Shauna Huffman, RN, BScN

Joan Humphries, RN, BSN, MN

Leanne Kelly, BA, BSN, MN

Megan Kirk, BSN, MSN

Dawn Kuzemski, RN, BSN, MA

Marg Lauchmuth, RN, BSN, MN

Linda Latham, RN, MHSc

Wanda Martin, BSN, MN, PhD (C)

Carlene Meilleur, BA, BSN

Lyn Merryfeather, BSN, MN, PhD(c)

Olga Petrovyskya, RN, BScN, MN, PhD(c)

Anita Rusk, RN, BSN

Kara Schick Makaroff, RN, MSN, PhD

Linda Shea, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD(c)

Tracy Shenton, BSN

Candis Spiers, BScN, MN

Sandra Stewart, N, BSN, MA

Cici Tavares, BSN, MSN

Carla Tilley, BSN, MN (NUED)

Shirley Turcotte. BSN

Christine Upright, RN, BScN, MN


Betty Davies

Isobel Dawson

Elaine Gallagher

Lucia Gamroth

Virginia Hayes

Elizabeth Lindsey

Jessie Mantle

Joan MacNeil

Marjorie McIntyre

Jane Milliken

Janet Storch

Professional and
Admin Staff

Professional Administrative Staff

Carolyn Hammond |  Practica Coordinator, Graduate Programs

Lori Klear | Coordinator, Student Affairs

Cindy MacDonald | Program Coordinator, Distance Education

Diane MacLeod | Practica Coordinator, Undergraduate Education on Campus and College of the Rockies

Doreen McConachie | Practica Coordinator, Post RN

Morag Mochan | Academic Administrative Coordinator

Paul Meier | Admissions Liason Officer and Student Advisor

Administrative Assistants

Karen Brown | Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs

Diana Gicas | Administrative Assistant, Distance Education and Post RN Practice

Russell Hawkins | Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs

Shelley Lietaer | Administrative Assistant, Faculty and On Campus Undergraduate Program

Marius Miklea | Administrative Assistant, On Campus and Graduate Practica and Bursaries and Scholarship

Jill Nichol | Office Manager and Assistant to the Director

Nadja Pearce | Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions and Advising

Naomi Poeschek | Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions and Advising


The SON Advisory Council is comprised of members from the health care community, the Director and Associate Directors of School of Nursing, Lynne Milnes, Development and External Relations Officer, UVic Faculty of Human and Social Development.

The Director of the School of Nursing co-chairs the Advisory Council with one community member. The purpose of this council is to advise the Director and Associate Directors on current and emerging issues in health care and nursing, and to advise on strategic challenges facing the school.

Robert Calnan 

Pat Coward

James Dutton, MD

Karen Evers-Fahey

Leslie Moss

Noreen Frisch

Marg Lachmuth

Lynne Milnes

Rosalie Starzomski

Lynne Young

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