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Annual Review Form -CUPE951
Annual Review Form -ESS
Annual Review Form -ME
Annual Review Form -PEA
Annual Review Process -CUPE951
Annual Review Process -ESS
Annual Review Process -ME
Annual Review Process -PEA
Availability and contact information update - TSS members
Career Development - CUPE 951
Casual work application
Casual work application - student
Casual staff request
Central Professional Development Fund - PEA
Central Professional Development Fund Guidelines - PEA
Checklist of Assigned duties 4163
CHERD application
CTO Tracker for PEA
CUPE 4163 Application
CUPE 4163 Posting
Job description template´╗┐-CUPE 917
Employee Request for Leave - CUPE 917 and 951
Ergonomics-Office Stretches
Extended Health Claim Form - Pacific Blue Cross
Job evaluation guidebook - PEA
Job Evaluation - Guidelines for supervisors-CUPE 951
Job Evaluation-Guidelines for supervisors-PEA
How to lift safely
Human Resources Security Access Request Form
Human rights guide for recruitment
Human rights issues and accommodation
Job Evaluation Guidebook - CUPE 951
Job Evaluation Questionnaire-PEA
Joint Job Evaluation Questionnaire - CUPE 951
Job description template - PEA
Job description template -951
Job series - PEA
Learning and Development Cancellation Policy
Learning and Development Certificate Application Form
Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form
Leadership Victoria application form
Manual Handling Pushing-Pulling-Carrying
Manual Handling Risks
Manual Handling Stretches
Mentorship Application Form
Modified Work Week Guidelines 951
Monthly Sick and Absence Report
Office Ergonomics Potential Solutions
Office Ergonomics Self Inspection ChecklistNEW
Optional Life Insurance Enrollment Package
Out of Province Emergency Medical Expense Claim Package
Out of Province Health Claim Package
PDEA - Professional Development Expense Account - PEA Staff
Physician's certificate
Pocket-sized checklist for interview time
Potential barriers to fair evaluation
Probationary Reveiw Form - CUPE 917
Probationary Review Process - CUPE 917
Probationary Review Form -ME
Probationary Review Form -PEA
Probationary Review Process -ME
Probationary Review Process -PEA
Probationary/trial review form- CUPE 951
Probationary Trial Period Form -ESS
Probationary Trial Period Process -ESS
Probationary/trial review process - CUPE 951
Professional Development Expense Policy - PEA Staff
Professional Development Expenses Guidlines for ME Staff
Professional Development Leave Application PEA
Reconsideration request form - PEA
Recruitment planning checklist
Recruitment records checklist
Recruitment tracking spreadsheet
Recruitment workbook
Reference check form
Salary Deduction Form
Sample interview questions - clerical
Sample interview questions - clerical
Sample interview questions - management
Standard Task Seating
Testing oral communication skills marking guide template
Testing skills marking guide template
Threshold essential qualifications vs. nice to haves
Hiring - Top 10 transferable skills
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