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Tiger shark research in Tubbataha

An international research team recently placed a satellite tracking tag on a tiger shark in one of the world’s most pristine reefs—Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park—and is now tracking its movements.UVic geographer Phil Dearden assisted this project, led by the Tubbataha Management Office and marine conservation group LAMAVE in the Philippines.

Optical spring detects single molecules

A team of engineering researchers from UVic and the University of Rochester has developed a way to detect single molecules using a light-based technology inspired by the “whispering gallery” effect, first discovered in London’s iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Expert on aftermath in Turkey

UVic historian Martin Bunton is available to media to discuss the aftermath of the attempted coup in Turkey. He is also the current interim director of UVic’s Centre for Global Studies. (Oliver Schmidtke is currently the Acting Associate VP Research for a one-year term.)

UVic astronomers help discover new dwarf planet

An international team of astronomers including UVic researchers has discovered a new dwarf planet orbiting in the disk of small icy worlds beyond Neptune.