Office staff

Kavita Sharma, undergraduate secretary.  Tel: 250-721-8895, EOW 548; 
Reception, general information, supplies, textbook ordering, photocopy accounts, undergraduate correspondence.

Cary Thomson, graduate secretary. Tel: 250-721-8921, EOW 548;
Matters relating to graduate students, academic and research assistantships, appointments, graduate course scheduling, keys for offices/desks.

Susan Wignall, assistant to the chair. Tel: 250-721-8900, EOW 548; 
General requests, personnel matters, payroll, appointments, department meetings, department accounts, lock management, phones, accidents & WCB claims, room bookings.

Technical support staff

Patrick Chang, senior scientific assistant. Tel: 250-721-6032, ELW A216;
Undergraduate electronics lab maintenance, equipment servicing, lab setup, student & TA lab assistance.

Rodney Katz, senior scientific assistant. Tel: 250-721-8667, ELW B111;
Department machining facility, undergraduate lab instruction, undergraduate and research machining.

Barry Kent, programmer analyst. Tel: 250-721-6033, ELW A218;
Research and office computing administration, software purchases/licensing, undergraduate computing lab administration and website.

Minh Ly, senior programmer analyst. Tel: 250-721-8893, ELW A214; (on leave)

Art Makosinski, manager of laboratories. Tel: 250-721-6041, EOW 553;

Support infrastructure, laboratories, budgeting. purchasing, undergraduate course scheduling, department space, access card, electronics.