Colin Bradley, Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Victoria. Contact: 250-721-6031, EOW 335;
Manufacturing automation, design, sensor systems. (Adaptive Optics Research Laboratory)

Nedjib Djilali, Professor, PhD, PEng, University of British Columbia. Contact: 250-721-6034, EOW 527;
Fluid dynamics, transport phenomena, fuel cell technology. Home Page

Zuomin Dong (Chair), Professor, PhD, PEng, State Univ. of New York at Buffalo. Contact: 250-721-8900, EOW 551;
Integrated multiphysics modeling, simulation and global optimization, next generation hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell systems; optimal 5-axis CNC tool path generation, smart grid, green ship, and intelligent systems. Home Page

Sadik Dost, Professor, PhD, PEng, Technical University of Istanbul. Contact: 250-721-8898, EOW 523;
Crystal growth, transport phenomena, advanced materials.

Andrew Rowe, Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Victoria. Contact: 250-721-8920, EOW 527; 
Thermodynamics, energy systems, cryogenics, heat transfer.

Yang Shi (director of the undergraduate program),   Professor, PhD, (Alberta), PEng. Contact: 250-853-3178, EOW 519, 
Systems and control, networked and distributed control systems, MPC and distributed MPC, mechatronics, navigation and control of autonomous vehicles, optimization and control of energy systems. Home Page

Henning Struchtrup, Professor, PhD, PEng, Technical University, Berlin. Contact: 250-721-8916, EOW 511;
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, microscale transport, aerosol coagulation. Home Page

Afzal Suleman, Professor, PhD, PEng, University of British Columbia. Contact: 250-721-6039, EOW 509;
Multidisciplinary design optimization, computational and experimental mechanics with application to aerospace structures and systems.

Caterina Valeo, Professor, PhD, PEng, McMaster University. Contact: 250-721-8623, EOW 543; 
Disturbance modelling in forested regions, sustainable urban development of water resources, climate change impacts and analysis using artificial neural networks, pollutant dispersion modelling in rivers and nearshore regions.  Home Page

Peter Wild, Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Victoria. Contact: 250-721-8901, EOW 535; 
Mechatronics, mechanical design, sensors and instrumentation.

Associate Professors

Brad Buckham, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Victoria. Contact: 250-721-6035, EOW 531;
Underwater vehicle - dynamics and control, finite element methods.

Daniela Constantinescu, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of British Columbia. Contact: 250-721-6040, EOW 541; 
Haptics, mechatronics, robotics, dynamics and control.

Curran A. Crawford  (director of the graduate program), Associate Professor, PhD, EIT, Cambridge University. Contact: 250-721-7960, EOW 537;
Multidisciplinary design optimization; wind turbine analysis and design; variable fidelity aerodynamic and structural modeling; sustainable energy systems. Home Page

Nikolai Dechev, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Toronto. Contact: 250-721-8933, EOW 517;
Biomedical systems design, MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems), mechatronics, robotics and automation.  Laboratory Page.

Rodney Herring, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Birmingham. Contact: 250-721-8934, EOW 337;
Crystal growth, electron microscopy, confocal holography.

Martin Byung-Guk Jun, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, (UIUC). Contact: 250-853-3179, EOW 515;
CAM, meso/micro-scale manufacturing.

Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of Sheffield, UK. Contact: 250-472-4546, EOW 339; 
Energy efficient buildings, high performance thermal insulations, hygrothermal properties of construction materials, moisture management in building envelopes, wood-frame constructions, novel and/or bio-based construction materials, technologies for retrofitting building envelope and structures.

Ben Nadler, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, University of California - Berkeley. Contact: 250-721-6050, EOW 507;
Continuum mechanics, computational mechanics, mechanics of shells and thin films, material evolution, mechanics of high-strength fabric materials, biomechanics, multi-scale modeling, Cosserat media.

Peter Oshkai, Associate Professor, PhD, Lehigh University. Contact: 250-721-8922, EOW 529;
Unsteady flows, flow-acoustic coupling, fluid-structure interactions. Home Page

Stephanie Willerth, Associate Professor, PhD, PEng, Washington University in St. Louis. Contact: 250-721-7303, EOW 513; lab site
Biomedical engineering; tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials scaffolds for controlling stem cell differentiation.

Assistant Professors

Keivan Ahmadi, Assistant Professor, PhD(Waterloo), MSc (IUST), BSc (Tehran polytechnic) Contact: 250-721-8694, EOW 539;
Structural dynamics, Mechanical vibrations, Modal analysis, Dynamics and vibrations of machine tools, Modeling of machining processes for Virtual Machining Systems, Process optimization for high performance machining.

Jooeun Ahn, Assistant Professor, PhD, MIT. Contact: 250-721-8696, EOW 533; 
Dynamics of Human Movement, Human Motor Control, Nonlinear Dynamics, Biomechanics, Robotic Assistance to Human Movement.

Mohsen Akbari, Assistant Professor, PhD. Simon Fraser University. Contact: 250-721-6038, EOW 331;
Applications of Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Biomedical Engineering (Bio-MEMS) and Energy, Tissue Engineering, Organs-on-Chip, Microfluidics and Sustainable Energy.

Rustom B. Bhiladvala, Assistant Professor, PhD, Yale University. Contact: 250-721-8616, EOW 521;
Nanoscale materials, mechanics and transport. Fluid and biomedical sensor development. Energy and sustainable development.

Tom Gleeson, Assistant Professor, PhD, PEng, Queen's University. Contact: 250-853-3934, EOW 341; 
Groundwater footprints and sustainability; mega-scale groundwater systems; groundwater recharge and discharge; fluid flow around geologic structures; hydrology; water resources

Rishi Gupta, Assistant Professor, PhD, PEng, (UBC). Contact 250-721-7033, EOW 343;

Senior Instructors

Scott Iverson, Senior Lecturer, PhD, Colorado. Contact: 250-721-8741, EOW 503;

Zhong-Sheng (Simon) Liu, PhD, Jilin

Barbara Sawicki, PhD, Jagiellonian

David S. Scott, BSc, MSc (Queen’s), PhD (Northw), PEng

Yury Stepanenko, DipEng (Moscow Inst of Machine Tool Eng), Candidate of Science (Moscow Eng Res Inst), DSc (Academy of Science, USSR)

Geoffrey W. Vickers, DipEng (Birm), MSc, PhD (Manc), PEng, CEng

Susan Fiddler, BMus (Victoria), Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Education Coordinator

Calvin Tripp, BASc (Waterloo), Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Education Coordinator

Carlos Correia, Lic., (Porto), PhD (Paris)