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ENGR 446: Technical Report

Technical elective courses

Curriculum for Biomedical Engineering Degree

First year courses

Please refer to the UVic Calendar for more information about the first year engineering standard and immersion year schedules.

Important: Some required first-year courses are only offered one time per year. You must successfully complete them before moving into the second year of your program. These courses are: ENGR 110 (traditionally offered in the fall), ENGR 120 (traditionally offered in the spring) and ENGR 141 (traditionally offered in the spring).  See note 1 and 2 concerning ENGR 110 and ENGR 130.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for ensuring that all degree requirements have been satisfied as outlined in the University of Victoria Calendar. Any errors or omissions on this site do not absolve you from having to complete all of the program requirements.

Standard academic and co-op schedule

Second year - Fall (2A)

Courses Title Outline
CSC 1163 Programming II
ELEC 216 Electricity and Magnetism
MATH 200 Calculus of Several Var.
MATH 201 Intro to Diff Equasions
MECH 200/CIVE 200 Engineering Drawing
MECH 242 Dynamics

Second work term - Spring (WT2)

Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-operative Education Programs

Second year- Summer (2B)

Course Title Outline
ELEC 250 Linear Circuits 1
ENGR 297 5 Technology and Society
MECH 220 Mechanics of Solids I outline
MECH 240 Thermodynamics
MECH 285 Engineering Materials
STAT 254 Probability and Stats

Third work term - Fall (WT3)

Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-operative Education Programs

Third Year - Spring (3A)

Course Title Outline
CSC 349A 6 Numerical Analysis
MECH 320 Mechanics of Solids II outline
MECH 335 Theory of Mechanisms
MECH 345 Mechanics of Fluids outline
MECH 350 Engineering Design outline
MECH 390 Energy Conversion outline

Fourth work term - Summer (WT4)

Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-operative Education Programs

Third Year - Fall (3B)

Course Title Outline
ELEC 365 Applied Electronics

ENGR 280 or


Engineering Economics

Introduction to Principles of Microeconomics and Financial Project Evaluation

MECH 330 Machine Dynamics
MECH 360 Design of Mech Systems
MECH 380 Automatic Control Engineering
MECH 395 Heat Transfer

Fifth work term - Spring (WT5)

Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-operative Education Programs

Fourth year - Summer (4A)

Course Title Outline
MECH 400 or  Design Project, or 

MECH 464 

Integrated Mechatronics/Embeded Systems Project

MECH 455 Instrumentation
Four, Technical Electives5,6

Sixth work term - Fall (WT6)

Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-operative Education Programs

Course Title Outline
ENGR 4468
Technical Report

Fourth year - Spring (4B)

Course Title Outline
ENGR 4469 Technical report
ENGR 498 Engineering Law
One, Compl. Studies Elective
Four, Technical Electives5,6
  1. ENGR 130 (Introduction to Professional Practice) should be completed during the first term upon admission into the program (normally 1A, 2A or 3A). Students normally must complete ENGR 130 before undertaking their first work term.
  2. Students normally must successfully complete the Academic Writing Requirement or ENGR 110 before undertaking their second work term.
  3. Students following the immersion year schedule will take CSC 115 in the term 1C.
  4. See adviser.
  5. Bridge students must take ENGR 297 in place of one technical elective.
  6. Students who do not plan to enroll in the Mechatronics & Embedded Systems Option but who do plan to take ENGR 466 must take MECH 458 in place of CSC 349A in term 3A and take CSC 349A in term 4B in place of a technical elective.
  7. Students normally register in this course in the term preceding the final term of their program (academic or work term).
  8. A Complementary Studies Elective course dealing with central issues in humanities or social sciences, as required by CEAB guidelines for complementary studies, and as approved by the Faculty of Engineering’s BEng/BSEng Student Programs Committee. A current list of acceptable courses may be obtained from the BEng Office.
  9. Students normally register in this course in the term preceding the final term of their academic program (academic or work term).

ENGR 446: Technical Report

ENGR 446 is a major technical report demonstrating written communication and analytical skills.  The course is a core component of the Mechanical Engineering program and is administered by the Co-op office staff on behalf of the Mechanical Department. There are no scheduled classes and the course can be completed during a work or academic term.  Special permission is not required to take the course on a work term.   Students are NOT automatically enrolled in ENGR 446 but must register in it as they register in all other courses.

During ENGR 446, the course instructor is engaged in the report generation process.  The report topic must be approved by the ENGR 446 instructor at least two months prior to submission. Work Term Report Guidelines, as set by the instructor in the term of registration, govern report style and format.  The course instructor can help to identify co-op coordinators who are available to discuss with you the general idea, topic, or structure of your report as you proceed through the course. 

The topic of the ENGR 446 report should be related to a project of your own choosing – not related to one of your 4 core  work terms (ENGR 001, 002, 003, 004).  A work term report can only be used as a ENGR 446 report for  work terms in excess of the BEng program requirements – e.g. a fifth work term.  Since the University of Victoria awards unit credit for work terms, it is necessary to recognize that ENGR 446, as a separate credit course, can not be satisfied with submission of work used towards work term credit.  

Technical elective courses








MECH 410/520 - Computer Aided Design - Course intro


MECH 420/563 - Finite Element Applications - Course intro


MECH 421/504 - Mechanical Vibrations




MECH 423/575 - Engineering Ceramics - Course intro


MECH 430/580 - Robotics - Course intro


MECH 443/541 - Advanced Thermodynamics - Course intro







MECH 444/580 - Wind Power Systems - Course intro

MECH 445/543 - Cryogenic Engineering - Course intro


MECH 447/542 - Energy Systems - Course intro



MECH 449/549 - Fuel Cell Technology - Course intro

MECH 481/580 - Bio Materials & Tissue Engineering - Course outline

MECH 446/580 - Introduction to Ocean Engineering - Course intro





MECH 450 C – S. Topics - Product Design - Course intro





MECH 450 D – S. Topics - Pulp and Paper Technology - Course intro

MECH 458/554 - Mechatronics - Course intro

MECH 459/558 - Fundamentals of Hybrid Vehicles - Course intro

MECH 460/521 - Computer Aided Manufacture - Course intro


MECH 462 - Small Business Organization - Course intro


MECH 466/555 - Microelectromechanical Systems - Course intro


MECH 471 - Fracture, Fatigue and Mechanical Reliability


MECH 472/580 - Electron Microscopy - Course intro


MECH 473/573 - Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals - Course intro


MECH 475/580 - Aircraft Design - Course intro


MECH 483/510 - Mechanics & Energy Conversion for Living Cells - Course intro



MECH 485/580 - Mechanism and Manipulator Synthesis - Course intro




MECH 492/540 - Transport Phenomena - Course intro

MECH 493 - Design of Thermo-Fluid Systems - Course intro


MECH 494 - Thermofluids & Introduction to Mass Transfer - Course intro




MECH 495/535 - Computational Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer - Course intro






MECH 497 - Green VehicleTechnical Project - Course intro

MECH 498 - Honours Thesis

MECH 499 - Technical Project

  The above list is subject to change.

Technical Electives are offered depending on student interest and faculty availability.

Technical Electives Presentation

Check UVic Timetables and Course Listing for actual course offerings.