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Employer information sessions

When: May - August 2015
Where: See session schedule for description
Contact: Chelsea Falconer -

Event details for: Students

UVic students are in demand! Throughout the year, employer and grad school reps visit campus to host info sessions. They'll discuss career and learning opportunities at their organizations and answer your questions.

Deloitte Healthcare | Wednesday, May 20

Time: 12:45 - 2:00 pm

Location: Clearihue A202

This is a great opportunity to meet the Deloitte Health team and find out what it is like to work in the private consulting area of Health Informatics.

Please visit the Learning in Motion Events Calendar to register for this info session.

FAST Enterprises | Wednesday, May 27

Time: 3:30 pm

Location: ECS 660

Fast Enterprises (FAST) is an international software and information technology consulting firm. We work with city, county, state, provincial and national governments. FAST offers commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software that helps agencies reduce costs, improve service to constituents, maximize revenues and improve the efficiency of internal operations.

FAST offers three solutions: an integrated tax solution (GenTax), a drivers and motor vehicle solution (FastDS/VS) and an unemployment insurance solution (FastUI). Our software leverages the latest technology to provide browser-based, platform independent, SOA compliant and highly scalable solutions running on industry standard technology.

We are looking for talented individuals to join our fast paced work force. If you are interested in learning more about the exciting career opportunities we will be hosting an Information Session on Wednesday, May 27th at 3:30pm in ECS 660. We hope you stop by!

Pathways to Success for graduate students

Pathways to Success for graduate students

When: June 3–17, 2015
Where: See schedule for locations
Contact: Co-op and Career - - (250) 853-3172

Career and professional development for graduate students

What lies beyond graduate school for you? Explore future career paths at these free sessions offered through June 2015.

New June session just added!

  • Learn how to transition from grad school to a career
  • Discover current labour market info for academic and non-academic careers
  • Hear from panels and speakers on landing an academic job or carving out a career outside academia
  • ... and more!


Career workshops (ongoing)

Career workshops (ongoing)

When: Ongoing: Sept 2014 to June 2015
Where: McPherson Library (see schedule for room number)
Contact: - 250-721-8421

Our career educators host three types of workshops for students throughout the week in the McPherson Library:

  • Résumé Lab
  • Ace Your Interviews
  • Using LinkedIn for Your Work Search

Workshop details and schedule

UVic and Camosun Business Career Fair

UVic and Camosun Business Career Fair

When: Thurs, May 28, 2015 (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Where: David Strong Building Lobby
Contact: Melissa Hamer - - 250-472-4441

A variety of employers will be on campus for the 2015 UVic and Camosun Business Career Fair to connect with students and alumni and showcase their organizations.
This is a great networking event—come prepared to make connections!

Twitter: #UVicCamBizFair | @UVicBusiCoop | @CamosunEDUatWRK

Thanks to our deluxe exhibitors for their support:

bc-assessment   go2mobi   revenuewire

Event details for: STUDENTS | EXHIBITORS |

Employers attending

Making the most of the fair

It’s a good idea to give some thought to what you hope to accomplish at the fair. Identify the companies you want to connect with and do some research in advance. Here are a few quick tips.

During the fair

  • Introduce yourself, offer a handshake and ask your questions
  • Allow time for the employer to respond and listen
  • Take notes
  • Ask the employer for a business card
  • Ask if you can call the employer to follow up
  • Find out if the employer plans to hire in the future
  • Thank everyone you speak with
  • Record the information you collect for future reference, especially the names, positions and contact information of the people you meet at the fair

After the fair

  • Send a thank you note to those you met at the fair
  • If there were immediate or future employment opportunities with a company, send your résumé and cover letter and make reference to meeting at the fair

Sample questions to ask employers

  • How does one enter this field? How did you enter it? What are typical entry-level jobs?
  • What skills are important for this work?
  • What are the most relevant majors for this work?
  • What are the prospects for this work in Victoria? What are the prospects elsewhere?
  • What are the education/training requirements?
  • Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in working in the field?
  • Do you know of anyone else I should be contacting to learn more about this work?
  • Can you suggest materials I should read to learn more about it?
  • Do you hire students for the summer (or co-op work terms)?
  • When and how do you advertise those positions?
  • Could you suggest any volunteer work that might help me get some experience in this area?
  • What kinds of positions will you be recruiting for, and from which academic backgrounds?
  • How important is having related summer work?
  • Would I need more than an undergraduate degree for employment or advancement?
  • What is the culture of your workplace?
  • How is the company responding to (a current event)?
  • What do you like most about your work? What are the biggest challenges?

Advice from employers

We asked our employers what makes an applicant stand out, how they think LinkedIn factors in, how to land an interview with your application and for one piece of career advice. Here’s what they had to say!

Answers are lightly condensed and edited.


  • We love connecting with people who mirror our weirdness. A bit nerdy, an awesome sense of humour, entrepreneurial attitude, and wanting to work with like-minded people in the pursuit of something really cool.
  • You should 100% be checking out your interviewer’s social media presence—they’re looking at yours.
  • Just stand out. Seriously. Talk about something other than how you're an effective communicator and can multi-task. Your goal isn't to tell the interviewer why you're perfect; your goal is to stand out from the other hundred applicants. Show your personality. PROOFREAD YOUR APPLICATION.
  • Network. Get yourself out there and talk to people. Get experience. ANY EXPERIENCE. Education is a checkbox; experience will get you the gig.


  • A standout applicant is well-spoken and presentable. A candidate that shows genuine enthusiasm about our company and industry. We often look for someone who is motivated to succeed within our team culture and environment. Great attitudes are contagious.
  • I look for consistency from their résumés to what is displayed on their LinkedIn profile. I also look at their overall involvement (# of connections), professional and personal recommendation, community involvement, education and interests.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with like-minded individuals and network . . . the more people you know and stay connected the better opportunity to grow and learn personally and professionally.    
  • An interview-worthy cover letter is a clear, short explanation as to why a candidate is looking for a new opportunity, what interests them in the role they are applying for, and what relevant experience makes them a suitable candidate.
  • A résumé that is well-formatted and clear employment history that uses buzzwords to identify key accountabilities and duties. Viewer-friendly; provides synergy between work history to job description (connecting the dots for the employer). 
  • Research—understand what the company does. Check out their social networks to understand the work culture and office environment.

TD Canada Bank

  • A good combination of education and experience makes a well-balanced applicant. We not only want to see how much education you've attained, but also how you've used that in the real world. Anything where you've put the customer first! 
  • Experience and education related to the role is key; because we are such a customer-focused institution, we want to see roles where you've not only interacted with customers but handled problems as well. Any additional sales or leadership experience is a bonus.
  • Overall look and feel of your résumé and cover letter... Is it professional, are there any spelling errors, are you missing information? It shows your attention to detail, which is key for any role.
  • It's never too late to start from the bottom up.

Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (civilian opportunities)

  • A standout applicant is approachable, authentic, articulate and has personality.
  • A strong résumé and cover letter adheres to content and style; the quality of writing is succinct; addresses all requirements (competencies) in job posting; and provides a snapshot of experiences and the person.
  • Demonstrates initiative in their examples in the interview, is well prepared, and asks appropriate, applicable questions.
  • Be open—don't miss out on opportunities because of fear, doubt or the unknown—say Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Be authentic—don’t oversell
  • Try new things.
  • Network whenever possible and use networks when appropriate.


  • Applicants stand out when they use examples of their qualifications to relay how they would be suited to the role they are applying for.
  • I often do check applicants' LinkedIn profiles, and think it shows initiative when they check mine!
  • An interview-worthy application is seeing skills/experience relevant to the job (use examples!) and personality.
  • Set realistic expectations for what job/salary you’ll be starting with out of school. It takes time and experience to advance in your career! 

 Sherwin Williams

  • A standout applicant is someone with confidence and eye contact. Those who ask questions and aren't afraid to interview the employers to make sure it’s a good career fit for them.
  • Tell me you have what I am looking for. I don't know everything about you from your résumé. That is what the interview is for. A good résumé piques my interest and leaves me wanting more. Ask for my business card and send me an individual résumé to tell me why you are the best candidate for me.
  • Be open to experiences and look at the big picture. You may have to start off at an entry-level position, but what is the employer offering you long-term? Are the skills you will learn at this job solid building blocks for where you want your future to go?

 Maple Leaf Foods

  • What makes an applicant stand out? Looking the part.
  • What in an application makes you want to interview someone? A professional and well-written résumé.
  • What one piece of advice would you offer to new grads? Be prepared!

WorkSafe BC

  • A standout applicant has demonstrated the ability to put their education into applied business practice and process improvement, good interpersonal skills and communications, and interest in what WorkSafeBC does—its mandate and how it resonates with the individual.
  • They have the applicable experience and education that can help our team fulfill our mandate in Business Advisory Services.
  • Maximize every opportunity to build on your experience. Don’t be too selective and wait for the right opportunity to come.

BC Assessment

  • A standout application is: a clear, concise, and complete application that is succinct and logically put together. The application should clearly outline how the applicant meets and exceeds the job requirements using supporting evidence and examples that demonstrate a firm understanding of the position they are applying for. All information provided should be relevant and targeted towards the position. The more an applicant is able to convey in less words, the more impressive they are. . . any application that does not provide a recruiter with enough information after a first scan to confidently say they meet the job requirements, may be screened out.
  • It is an excellent idea for candidates to try and glean as much information about their interviewers and potential new employers as possible. . . The more a candidate can learn about their interviewers and potential employer, the easier it will be to create a rapport with their interviewer(s) and the more prepared they can be with relevant, targeted examples to potential interview questions.
  • For entry level positions, if the recruiter has to do work to understand what/why you won a specific award, how a specific aspect of your cover letter/resume is relevant, or what you did in previous work experience, they will probably disregard it. If you don’t have space or the ability to include a concise and easy to understand explanation, then include a link to a webpage that does, so the recruiter can quickly see for themselves without having to do any extra work.
  • Freshen your application up, wake the recruiter out of their screening stupor, and inject a little excitement into their day through your word choice, so long as you are still able to be clear and concise. . . The easier the application makes it to screen them in, the better their initial screening score will be. The more work a recruiter has to do to verify an applicant’s credentials, the greater the chance of them being screened out.
  • When applying for jobs, ensure only information relevant to the specific position you are applying for is included in your application. Make sure to explain/demonstrate the relevance of any information included that may not be obviously directly applicable. . . Anything you can do to help the recruiter to see that you meet and exceed the minimum job requirements in as little of the recruiter’s time as possible, will be in your favor.

Royal Bank of Canada

  • A standout applicant has: great behavioural skills, is a good match for the role being applied for, and has excellent customer service and retail experience.
  • I would only check profiles for more senior roles, not so much for foundational roles. Whatever information I have on my LinkedIn profile is public information and totally acceptable for an interviewee to look at.
  • In those documents, I am always looking for candidates I can envision in the role I am hiring for – key skills and experience that would entice me to find out more.
  • Love what you do, do what you love – everything else is not worth it.

Career fair online prep resources

Check out the following sections in our three career resource kits to help you prepare for the fair!

  • Journey kit: Search for work | Grow as a professional | Explore graduate and professional programs
  • Competency kit: Your core competencies | Your program-specific competencies | Your professional competencies
  • Tool kit: How to prepare for an interview | Learn to network

Exhibitor registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 UVic and Camosun Business Career Fair!

Exhibitor spaces are now sold out.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Please contact Melissa Hamer ( or 250-472-4441) if you have any questions or would like to join the waiting list.

Exhibitor benefits

As an employer, you need motivated and skilled employees to help your business thrive.

The UVic and Camosun Business Career Fair will give you the opportunity to:

  • showcase your organization on campus
  • meet co-op and graduating students from the UVic Gustavson School of Business and Camosun College
  • connect with students from other UVic and Camosun faculties and local post-secondary institutions

Exhibitor package options

Basic exhibitor package: $300 plus taxes (12 spots available)

  • 2' x 4'  draped table with seating. Online promotion on the event webpage and a link to your organization’s website
  • Complimentary electricity hook-up, internet access (you must bring a computer or laptop with a wireless network adapter and make sure your computer has all the software you’ll need at the event; on the day of the event, our technician may ask for your passwords to re-configure the TCP/IP settings on your computer)
  • Coffee, tea, and water available throughout the day
  • Breakfast pastries and a light lunch will be available
  • Up to two complimentary parking passes
  • Assistance with setting up and dismantling your display
  • Assistance with arranging interviews and posting jobs on our co-op or career boards, as required

Deluxe exhibitor package: $400 plus taxes (3 available)

  • Prime display location inside main entry doors of the lobby
  • 10’ wide display space with back draping and 2’ x 6’ draped table with seating. Online promotion on the event webpage and a link to your organization’s website
  • Complimentary electricity hook-up, internet access (you must bring a computer or laptop with a wireless network adapter and make sure your computer has all the software you’ll need at the event; on the day of the event, our technician may ask for your passwords to re-configure the TCP/IP settings on your computer)
  • Coffee, tea, and water available throughout the day
  • Morning pastries and a light lunch will be available
  • Up to two complimentary parking passes
  • Assistance with setting up and dismantling your display
  • Assistance with arranging interviews and posting jobs on our co-op or career boards, as required

Event day set-up and parking

Arrival and set-up

You may set up in the on the morning of Thursday, May 28 between 9 and 10:30 a.m. Upon arrival, please pick up your registration package from the David Strong Building Lobby.

Please ensure your booth is assembled by 11 a.m. and is not disassembled until 3 p.m. Volunteers will be available to assist you throughout the day and help with set-up and dismantling of your booth.


Exhibitor registration includes up to two general parking passes. If you have requested parking passes, you will receive them by mail before the Fair. We recommend parking your vehicle in Parking Lot 4, which is nearest the David Strong Building.


Getting to UVic

UVic campus map

Driving from Vancouver?

Take the Swartz Bay ferry from Tsawwassen ferry terminal. The sailing takes 1 hr 35 minutes, plus 15 minutes offloading time. As you exit the ferry, you will be on the Patricia Bay Highway #17 south.

After approximately 25 minutes, take the McKenzie Avenue exit. Turn left onto McKenzie Avenue and continue for 7 km. Turn right onto McGill Road, at the main UVic entrance, just in front of Centennial Stadium. Park in Parking Lot #4 (first lot on your left off of McGill Road).

Coming from Victoria International Airport?

Victoria International Airport is located off Highway 17, about 30-40 minutes north of the university. When driving from the airport, follow the signs to Victoria; they will lead you south onto Highway 17.

After approximately 25 minutes on Highway 17, take the McKenzie Avenue exit. Turn left onto McKenzie Avenue and continue for 7 km. Turn right onto McGill Road, at the main UVic entrance, just in front of Centennial Stadium. Park in Parking Lot #4 (first lot on your left off of McGill Road).

Gear Up to Graduate!

When: March – May 2015
Where: Online campaign

gear up to graduate logo

Graduating in June? Make sure you're ready to launch! Check out our career resources for graduating students.


And remember, alumni are welcome to continue accessing UVic Career Services forever after graduation—whether you need some guidance a few weeks in or you're interested in a career change twenty years later (or beyond!).

Mini Hi-Tech Co-op and Career Fair

Mini Hi-Tech Co-op and Career Fair

When: Tues, May 26, 2015 | 4-6 p.m.
Where: Engineering and Computer Science building, room 660
Contact: Tara Coulter - - 250-472-5803

Event details for: Information for students

Welcome to our 2015 fair!

Looking to connect with a few employers in the local hi-tech industry?

Stop by our Mini Hi-Tech Co-op and Career Fair to:

  • Network with professionals
  • Find out what they do
  • Learn what competencies employers look for when hiring

Join us on Twitter: #uvicminihitech

Read about our attending employers below.

Accent Refrigeration Systems

Accent Refrigeration Systems

accentAccent Refrigeration Systems is a world leader in providing green energy refrigeration solutions. Accent primarily works with leisure facilities, taking the energy out of ice rinks, raising the quality of this energy, and then providing this energy to either heat leisure facilities or the surrounding communities. Accent has worked in three different Olympic Games and also a wide variety of countries such as Japan, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Canada, and over 20 states in the USA. Accent has also been recognized on the highest level for its efforts to be a green energy leader, winning the prestigious international ASHRAE Technologies Award for the Westhills development.

Currently, Accent is working on a wide variety of projects all around the world and is excited about expanding its designs to green energy fields, which have previously only been done in Europe. If you are excited about green energy, love thermodynamics, and want to get a better understanding of how these two fields are going to grow around the world in the future, come talk to us. is the world's largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. There are more than 85 million users in 196 countries, and every day people use our tools to transform their communities—locally, nationally and globally.

Whether it's a mother fighting bullying in her daughter's school, customers pressing banks to drop unfair fees, or citizens holding corrupt officials to account, thousands of campaigns started by people like you have won on—and more are winning every week.

ESI Environmental Sensors

ESI Environmental Sensors

ESI is a leading developer and manufacturer of patented and proprietary systems for water management. ESI products has successfully been introduced into over 40 countries to manage irrigation systems, monitor water quality and the integrity of landfill covers and most recently in the oil and gas sector to measure the volumetric presence of water pumped from producing oil wells. Environmental managers and scientists have adopted ESI proprietary technology because of its accuracy, ease of use and ability to operate in challenging conditions.

Island Health

Island Health

island healthIsland Health knows that people make the organization and healthcare attracts smart, caring individuals who want to make a difference and help people. Come be part of our future!

The Biomedical Engineering Department at Island Health manages all the medical technology used in the hospitals.

Read Jones Christoffersen

Read Jones Christoffersen

RJCFounded in 1948, at Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC), we have a proven history of delivering engineering excellence. We specialize in structural engineering, structural restoration, building science and parking facility design. RJC employees work on some of the most innovative projects in North America. We are serious about creativity! It is why we cultivate a work environment that fosters creative development through great designs, career mentoring, continuing education, a focus toward sustainability, and having fun.

As a leading engineering consulting firm that spans across Canada, we are always searching to pick the best and brightest for our team. Previously acknowledged as a Top 100 Employer for Young People and named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers, RJC is proud of being one of the companies that leads the nation in creating exceptional workplaces.

Revolution 3D Printers

Revolution 3D Printers

Revolution 3D PrintersRevolution 3D Printers is a Canadian manufacturing and R&D company that manufactures 3D printers, with a focus on technologically innovative product development. We provide our customers with a complete 3D printing solution. Our R&D division has expertise on the complete 3D printing experience, including hardware, software and materials. As a company, we provide the quality and reliability that’s expected of North American manufacturers. 



sendwithusSendwithus is changing the way companies send email. Our core service is a simple REST API to send templated emails. Email templates live in our UI and can be updated and A/B tested in real-time, without code changes. We believe in user experience above all else, and use customer feedback to drive all product development. Our customers are hackers, marketers, startups and enterprises alike.

VRX Advanced Simulators

VRX Advanced Simulators

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, VRX creates the world’s most advanced racing and flight simulators.

Since 1999, VRX has focused on quality and craftsmanship to create an extremely accurate representation of motor racing and flight for professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. Their systems have been used for professional driver training, to train racing drivers on how to handle the forces exerted on the vehicle and their body during an intense competitive environment, as well as for private users who want to feel the intensity and realism of racing and flight from the comfort of their own home. VRX prides themselves on providing a quality product, as well as having the ability to customize and create a simulator that does what you need it to, every time.

Horizons and Navigator (online summer session)

When: Summer 2015 session
Where: Online
Contact: - 250-721-8421

Summer session: sign up by June 8!

Sign up for one of our tailored online career programs to:

  • explore career pathways
  • plan your next steps
  • strengthen your skills for finding career-related work
  • build relationships with professional contacts

We offer two programs that are free to UVic students and alumni. These programs are online and self-paced, so you can start anytime.

Horizons ProgramHorizons Program:
for students and alumni who are exploring their career options.

Navigator ProgramNavigator Program:
for students and alumni who are looking for career-related work.
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