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December 10: Celebrity Before Photography


December 10 - 24

Celebrity Before Photography

Curated by Jeanne Cannizzo

Celebrities existed before the invention of the camera. Then, as now, fans and followers demanded to 'see' their favourites. Cheap printed images circulated widely to meet that demand from the 18th century, until replaced by photographs. Engravings of actors, opera singers, playwrights, managers, and many other personalities associated with the world of theatre, were mass-produced. Scenes from performances which people had attended, or wished they had been present for, were popular as a souvenir from a notable experience; others collected prints featuring plays by certain playwrights. Details of period costumes or the actual gestures and conventions of dramatic performance peculiar to particular eras were popular with collectors, and scandals always helped sales.

Dates: December 10 - 24, 2018

Location: Special Collections and University Archives, Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library, Room A005




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