Incunabulum, 15th century

Type: Incunabulum

Date: 15th century

Imprint: Unidentified

Format: Unidentified

Setting: Unidentified

Author: Unidentified

Produced By/For: Unidentified

Contents/Title: Gratian, Decretum, 1, D. 96

Shelf Mark: Inc.Lat.2

Location: Shelf 02/C/10 (Acc. 2001-002)

Description by Stephanie Lahey (December 2015)


Incunabulum, 21.9 X 30.7 cm, Decretum Gratiani, 1, D. 96; recto: cc. 8–13, verso: c. 14 (cc. 13–14 = the infamous forgery known as the Donation of Constantine; vide:


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Incunabulum, Recto


Incunabulum, Verso


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