Folium from a Medieval Psalter, Fragment

Type: Fragment

Date: 15th century

Setting: City

Produced By/For: [unknown]

Contents: Devotional: Psalter

Shelf Mark: Fragm.Lat.15

Location: Shelf 02/J/16c (Acc. 1994-013, Item #1)


From the Medieval Folia Collection

Folium from a medieval Psalter

  • Vellum, 125 x 90mm (77 x 62mm)
  • Latin text in Gothic script (littera minuscula gothica textualis semi-quadrata formata) ruled in ink for a single column of writing.
  • Psalter, Psalm 90:12-91:2
  • Flemish (Ghent?), c. 1450-1460
  • Decoration consists of the following: gilded litterae notabiliores pen-flourished in blue alternating with similarly pen-flourished letters of blue and red; a single gilded initial B on a cusped rectilinear ground in rose and containing white-highlighted blue in-fill; the head of the B extends into a partial rectilinear foliate bar border in gold, blue, and rose, from which issue gilded ivy leaves with pen-drawn tendrils; the upper and lower margins contain foliate borders, comprised of gilded ivy leaves with tendrils and other naturalistic elements in green, rose, and blue; line-fillers in blue and gold.


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