17th Century Latin Document with Large Seal

Type: Document

Date: 17th Century

Language: Latin

Setting: Legal?; Sandon; Yardley

Shelf Mark: Doc.Lat.6

Location: Shelf 04/04/23b (Acc. 2019-070, Item #3)


17th Century Latin Document with Large Seal

Physical Features: one large piece of parchment, with writing in black ink on one side. Large, red wax seal is intact and hangs from the document. A large, initial /E/ for “Elizabeth” was planned but never added in, resulting in a significant empty block in the top left corner of the text; a small guide-letter is visible. Written in a court hand.


Mentions Elizabeth I and James VI/I.


38.5mm x 50mm (parchment); 9mm x 9mm (seal)


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