Deed, 1571 (Copy)

Type: Document

Date: 16 July 1571

Language: English

Setting: Legal, London; Cullompton, Devon

Shelf Mark: Doc.Eng.5

Location: Shelf 04/04/23b (Acc. 2019-070)


Deed of 1571 (Copy)

Physical Features: four large sheets of parchment, main text on one side of each sheet in black ink, written in an Elizabethan secretary hand. Little remains of a red wax seal which once hung from the document, likely of a similar nature to the original. Document features extensive damage especially when compared to original copy, with many areas of text on some pages rendered illegible.

Content: copy of an indenture between George Symons and George Corkoram, both of Colompton, Devon, drafted at the Inner Temple of London. No evidence of the witness signatures which were present on the other copy, further identifying this document as the copy.

Measurements: 55mm x 67mm


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