Business Minor & upper-level commerce courses

Business minor students sitting at the UVic fountain

If you still want to dive into some business courses while completing a non-BCom degree, you’ve come to the right place! Our Business Minor can help expand your career options and better prepare you for the work force. This program works in conjunction with your Major degree and allows you to graduate with knowledge, skills and perspective in business and management. Plus, courses from the Business Minor layer nicely into our Master of Management graduate program!

If you’re planning to pursue a minor in Business or complete an upper-level commerce course, we recommend you contact your academic adviser to discuss how these options fit with your program planning.

Please visit the undergraduate calendar for course descriptions and prerequisites. Information on course availability can be found through the UVic timetable. If you are interested in an individual commerce courses not listed under the Business Minor section, you must follow our "Request for Registration" process. See details below.

Pursuing a Business Minor

The Business Minor program consists of 9.0 units of course work. This includes the following 5 fundamental courses, which each require a minimum grade of a C+ (3.0/9.0):

Additionally, you’ll need to complete at least 1.5 units of 300- or 400-level COM, ENT or IB courses. You can choose from one of the following courses below, or apply to complete an alternate upper-level course through our Request for Registration process:

You must declare the minor with the advising centre of your originating faculty. Students enrolled in the Business Minor program can also access the Business Minor Program Manual on Brightspace.

Request for Registration process

If you are interested in individual commerce courses, please follow these steps:

  1. Review courses available for the upcoming term—posted four weeks prior to the start of term.
  2. Complete a Request for Registration Form.
  3. Visiting students must include a copy of their transcript from their home institution.
  4. Submit form to the BCom Program Office as follows:
Month Course Begins Dates Applications are Accepted
September August 1-15
January December 1-15
May April 1-15

Applicants should be aware that course availability is extremely limited in any given term. Spaces in classes, if any, will be awarded based on: availability, most recent available grade-point average of the applicant and completion of prerequisites.

Courses available for the upcoming term

Remember that COM 202, COM 220, COM 250, COM 317, COM 270, COM 302, IB 301 and ENT 402 do not require a Request for Registration form. Students who satisfy the prerequisites can register in these courses through Online Tools.
(Last updated July 23, 2021)

Courses for Spring 2022:

Course code

Course title


COM 450 A02 Cross-Cultural Consulting Methods and Practices IB 301, COM 220 and fourth-year standing
COM 450 A03 Japan in the Context of Globalization IB 301 and fourth-year standing
COM 450 A04 Infusing Sustainability into Operations Fourth-year standing
IB 415 Cross-National Management IB 301, COM 220 and fourth-year standing

Note: only courses from the above list are available for Request for Registration. Please fill out the Request for Registration Form and email it back to the BCom Program Office.

Visiting students

If you are a visiting student hoping to complete individual commerce courses, you must be admitted to UVic first. Visiting students’ program of study generally reflects "Social Sciences Non-Degree". Visiting students may apply to complete individual commerce courses through the Request for Registration process. Please note that the BCom Advising team may require a copy of your transcripts and/or course outlines to determine whether pre-requisites have been met.

Master of Management Program

Interested in pursuing a Business Graduate Degree? The Master of Management program has been designed with you in mind! This is the perfect addition to your non-business undergrad degree. For more information on the program, including info sessions, admission requirements and application deadlines, please visit the  website.