Commerce courses for Business minor and Business option students

Undergraduate Non-commerce
You want to broaden your knowledge within your field of study. We have 400-level courses available to you.

If you're interested in pursuing a minor in Business or taking the Business Option, we recommend you contact an academic adviser.

Faculty Contact
Computer Science 250-472-5757
Engineering 250-721-8678
Humanities 250-721-7567
Science 250-721-7567
Social Sciences 250-721-7567

Please see the University On-line Timetable for course descriptions and prerequisites. Access to all other commerce courses is by "Single Course Application." See details below.

If you are interested in individual commerce courses, please follow these steps:

  1. Review courses available for the upcoming term—posted four weeks prior to the start of term.
  2. Complete a Single Course Application Form (also available in the Business Student Services office, BEC 283).
  3. Visiting students must include a copy of their transcript from their home institution.
  4. Submit form to the Business Student Services office as follows:
Month Course Begins Dates Applications are Accepted
September August 1-15
January December 1-15
May April 1-15

Applicants should be aware that course availability is extremely limited in any given term. Spaces in classes, if any, will be awarded based on: availability, most recent available grade-point average of the applicant and completion of prerequisites.

Commerce courses available through Single Course Application for the Fall Term 201509

Course List Pre-requisites
to be posted mid July 2015

 Note: only courses from the above list are available for Single Course Application. Please fill out the Single Course Application form and forward to the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business or drop off in person to the Business Student Services office, located in BEC 283.

The Business Minor program consists of 9.0 units including COM 220, 240, 250, 270 with a minimum grade of C+ in each course, plus at least 3.0 units of 300- or 400-level COM, ENT or IB courses. You must declare the minor with the advising centre of your originating faculty.

For students in economics:

You must gain approval from your faculty to be included in the Business Option program. Details of the Business Option program are listed in each department's section of the University Calendar. For more information, download the Business Minor and Business Option Programs brochure .

If you are a visiting student, you must be admitted to UVic first. Visiting students are considered as non-commerce students and requests to take individual courses must follow the Single Course Application process.