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If you think you're not the business type, think again. 

At the Gustavson School of Business, we help develop and prepare well-rounded global citizens. Our students are conscientious and passionate about driving positive change.

Program Structure: 2+2 and you

Our 2+2 structure begins with building knowledge and skills unique to your own interests. You’ll then layer in business acumen and real-world experience. This structure allows you to gain the perspective, experiences and knowledge to launch your career with confidence!





Year 1




Year 2




Year 3

BCom core

BCom core


Year 4




This is a typical schedule for BCom students. Note that the order of specialization, international exchange and co-op work terms may vary.

Years 1 and 2: Pre-core

Year 1 and 2 are your pre-core years, which take place before entering the BCom core (Year 3). 

Within your pre-core years, you’ll delve into areas of curiosity and challenge. The first two years broaden your knowledge through a diverse selection of topics in social sciences, science and humanities. 

This means you’ll gain skills and perspective from a number of disciplines. This helps you better understand business issues in the real world. Find more detailed information on pre-core course and grade requirements in our current student section.

Years 3 and 4: Core + more

Year 3 is the BCom core. We teach the core in an integrated format and it adopts a cohort structure. 

You’ll gain foundational knowledge in:

  • accounting
  • finance
  • marketing
  • managing people and systems
  • international business
  • corporate sustainability and social responsibility 

You’ll learn how to tackle business problems with an innovative and holistic approach, while gaining valuable experience as part of a project team. See Year 3 curriculum for a description of our commerce core courses. 

In Year 4, you’ll have the option to pursue a specialization and go on an international exchange for one academic term. You’ll continue to gain professional exposure and experience through co-op work terms. You’ll gear up to launch your career through a customized career preparation course (COM 405). See Year 4 curriculum for a description of Year 4 required courses, specialization courses and upper-level commerce electives.

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Gustavson experiences

There are many great reasons to choose to get your BCom at Gustavson. 

Paid co-op work terms

Our BCom program is one of the only business programs in Canada that offers mandatory paid co-ops for all our undergraduates. You'll complete a minimum of three paid co-op work terms in Canada or internationally, gaining:

Visit our Co-op & careers page to learn more.

International exchange

In Year 4 of our BCom program, you will take part in a four month international exchange term. This will help to sharpen your cross-cultural skills, grow your global mindset and learn how to facilitate business globally.

Specializations and integrations

Today's dynamic business world is looking for people who can think critically and creatively. We offer the following specializations to equip you with skills to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow:

You'll find that the problems you’re solving overlap in different business sectors. Our curriculum incorporates case analyses and business simulations to develop and exercise your decision-making process.

Cohort class structure

In your first two years (Pre-core), you will complete a diverse set of courses independently. In your upper-level years, you’ll enter a cohort structure. Here, you focus on only business courses with a group of 60 fellow students. This structure fosters connection and reflect the realities of the working environment. 

Your cohort will help you develop skills in leadership, teamwork and communication. It also helps you make life-long networks and great friendships. You will be part of a project team to complete all group work during a given semester. 

Visit our Year 3 and Year 4 program structure page to learn more about our core structure.

Mentorship program

All BCom students can take part in our mentorship program. Depending on your career interests and goals, we match you with a business leader in our community and network. Students who take part in the executive mentorship program gain: