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If you think you're not the business type, think again.

This integrative BCom program gives you a chance to blend theory into practice so you can walk into the workplace confident of your skillset.

Program Structure and Key Features 

Pre-commerce Requirements

Progression Conditions

Program Structure and Key Features

At the Gustavson School of Business, we want our students to be well rounded and passionate about business. Our 2 + 2 structure fits this vision perfectly.

sample schedule

This is a typical schedule for BCom students, although the order of co-op work terms, specialization and international exchange may vary.

Years 1 & 2

Prior to starting the BCom core in Year 3, all BCom students must complete five required courses (7.5 units) and 22.5 units of non-commerce electives. These courses are referred to as pre-commerce requirements.

These first two years allow students to build a background unique to their own interests, on which to draw in Year 3 and 4 of their business studies, and in their careers. They develop skills from a number of disciplines which helps them better understand business issues in the real world. They learn to think differently and have a different perspective from their peers.

Our Program Planning Worksheet and Pre-Core Course Guide will help you build your schedule.

Years 3 & 4

In Year 3, BCom core, BCom students acquire a foundational knowledge in accounting, finance and marketing, managing people and systems, international business and corporate sustainability issues.

We register students for Year 3 core courses in the summer preceding core. We typically do not schedule classes on Fridays. However, numerous mandatory program activities are scheduled on Fridays. As the BCom program is taught in an integrative manner, students are required to complete all Year 3 core commerce courses (no waivers).

See Year 3 curriculum for a description of commerce core courses. Other information relevant to Year 3 studies can be found here.

In Year 4, students complete a specialization. It is also in Year 4 that students have the opportunity to go on international exchange for one academic term. Program sequences will vary depending on specialization and international exchange choices.

See Year 4 curriculum for a description of Year 4 required courses, specialization courses and upper-level commerce electives.

bicyclePaid co-operative learning

Our BCom program is one of the only business schools in Canada that offers mandatory paid co-ops for all of our undergraduates. You'll do a minimum of three paid co-op work terms in Canada or internationally, gaining:

planeInternational experience

Our international exchange program offers you the chance to work or study abroad so you can sharpen your cross-cultural skills and learn to do business globally.

suitcaseSpecializations and integrations

Today's dynamic business world is looking for people who can think critically and creatively in:

You'll appreciate that the problems you will be solving overlap into different sectors in business. Our cross-functional curriculum incorporates case analyses and business simulations to exercise your decision-making process. 

appleCohort class structure

Your first two years will consist of doing general courses independently and the following two years doing all business courses with a group of 60 fellow students, diversified to reflect the realities of the working environment. 

Your cohort will not only help you develop skills in leadership, teamwork and communication, but also make life-long networks and great friendships after graduating. You will also be part of a project team with whom you will complete all group work during a given semester.

Have a sneak peek of the courses you will be taking in Year 3 and Year 4.

plus signExecutive mentorship program

All BCom students may participate in our mentorship program. Depending on your career interests and goals, we match you with a business leader in the community.

Students who participate in the executive mentorship program gain: 

Progression Conditions

All BCom students must complete the following pre-commerce requirements and meet the minimum GPA conditions outlined below in order to progress to Year 3 BCom core. This applies if you were admitted to BCom in Year 1 or Year 2 and if you are applying now to enter directly into Year 3. 


International students are required to complete COM 206C and/or COM 290 as mandatory electives in January of their second year, unless otherwise specified by a BCom advisor.

 Please see below for all details regarding pre-commerce requirements.

Pre-commerce requirements

Prior to starting the BCom core, all BCom students must complete five required courses (7.5 units) and 22.5 units of non-commerce electives. These courses are referred to as pre-commerce requirements.

Required courses


  • ECON 103 (1.5 units)


  • 3.0 units from ATWP 135 (formerly ENGL 135), ENGL 146, ENGL 147, ENGL 225.
  • Students must have satisfied the university Academic Writing Requirement.
  • If you have another combination of English courses, please contact a BCom Admissions Officer. Decisions regarding the appropriateness of English courses are at the discretion of the Gustavson School of Business. Note: ENGL 101 is not an acceptable required English course (it can however count as a non-commerce elective).

Mathematics and statistics

Below are the three approved combinations of courses for UVic students:

  • MATH 151: Finite Mathematics (1.5 units) and STAT 252: Statistics for Business (1.5 units), or
  • STAT 255: Statistics for Life Sciences: I (1.5 units) and STAT 256: Statistics for Life Sciences: II (1.5 units), or
  • ECON 245: Descriptive Statistics and Probability (1.5 units) and ECON 246: Statistical Inference (1.5 units)

If you are transferring from another institution, you may have a different combination of mathematics and statistics courses. At a minimum, you must have 3.0 units of courses in the mathematics and statistics area. Decisions regarding the appropriateness of mathematics and statistics courses are at the discretion of the Gustavson School of Business.

Mandatory courses for international students

International students are required to complete COM 206C (Business English and Communications – Level III) and/or COM 290 (Introduction to Canadian Business) as mandatory courses in January of their second year, unless otherwise specified by a BCom advisor. 

BCom applicants for direct-entry into BCom core must submit a request for registration in October of their second year to be added to these courses on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the applicant’s responsibility to consult with a BCom Admissions Officer to determine whether or not they need to take these courses.