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BCom student in Italy
International exchange — a life-changing four months!

On exchange, the world is your classroom! As part of your business program, you will spend four months on an academic exchange studying at one of our many partner universities across the world. 

Exchange is available to BCom students in fourth year with a minimum GPA of 4.0 who have successfully completed all 300-level core courses. Students can go on exchange in the elective term of their fourth year, usually in the fall but sometimes in the spring as well.

Everything you'll need to know about the application process, important dates, partner information, forms and support can be found on Brightspace. You may also contact our Outgoing Exchange Advisors at .

Partner locations

Deciding to go on exchange is often the easy part. Deciding where to go — that's the hard part. We have over 80 partner schools in 40 countries. Take a look at our exchange partner list.

The benefits of doing an exchange

In the words of our students, going on exchange is truly a transformative experience. You take business courses unavailable anywhere else, immerse yourself in rich cultures, and, along the way, discover new things about yourself and your place in the world.

Going on exchange allows you to:

Hear from outgoing exchange students

 Andrea Di Lucca

Andrea Di Lucca

My exchange semester in Spain gave me an opportunity to really consider, discuss, and understand the idea of culture. I have always been fascinated by both the unique qualities that differentiate, and common characteristics that link, people and countries.

When arriving in Spain, I don’t think I realized how much of a cultural difference I would begin to notice between my Canadian roots and my new Spanish life. While certain adjustments were difficult initially (such as dealing with Spanish university bureaucracy), it didn’t take long to develop an appreciation (and even at times, an attachment) for the charm of the country and the “Spanish way” of doing things.

Even though it took some time for me to accept, for example, that everything in Spain takes at least three times longer than expected and that sometimes you just have to accept that certain procedures don’t (and won’t ever!) make sense, this adjustment also allowed me to really start to feel like I was a part of Spain. Looking back, I miss so many things…and adjusting to “la vida española was one of those experiences that I will look back on with fond memories.

Derek Juno, Exchange

Derek Juno

Many people think that an education can only be acquired if you're in a classroom. Well, I think the experience of an international exchange completely disproves this belief. While on exchange I grew as a person, a student, and as a global citizen.

I got a lot out of my exchange. I have made friends from all over the world that will last me a lifetime, I was taught new strategies and ideas that have helped me in my current job and classes, and I have some memories and stories that will remind me to always work hard and play harder.

Adam LewisAdam Lewis

While in the Czech Republic I tried to go about my work with an open mind, this was not Canada, and it was my duty to be respectful to their culture and immerse myself as best as I could within it. I believe that this ability to adapt to a new working culture will be extremely beneficial in my business future, be it domestic or international. It taught me respect, patience, and gave me a strong ability to understand the viewpoints of my international coworkers. This is possibly the strongest skill I think I have taken from this entire experience.

I would recommend an international work term to anyone who would like to be challenged in a foreign market while also experiencing the richness of culture offered in another country. It is not a decision for everyone but I know from my experience that this was the best possible choice for my academic and personal growth.

There is only so much you can learn in a classroom, but working hands-on in a foreign country will expand your knowledge beyond any amount you can imagine.

If you would like more information about the exchange process, please go to the Gustavson Exchange Brightspace page or contact one of the exchange advisors at