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Navigate ambiguity with confidence

No business degree? No problem.

The Master of Management program (MM) pairs perfectly with your diverse perspective and undergraduate studies in other disciplines outside of business. This 12-month program teaches you to build on your existing knowledge base while deepening your understanding of how to thrive in an interdisciplinary environment. Learn how to navigate new problems in multifaceted situations, and understand how to confront the greatest challenges and questions that leaders and organization face using a sustainable lens. In our humble opinion, this is the path forward to ensure industries and communities flourish side by side in the years and decades to come.

This program also offers an immersive international experience in addition to coursework. With career preparation training including a 4-month work experience that allows you to put what you learned in the classroom into practice, translating it into tangible hands-on experience. MM students can participate in the Gustavson Mentor Program that links you one-on-one with experienced managers from the business community.

Please note: Students are expected to participate fully in the placement process. While every attempt will be made to ensure that all eligible students are placed, the Gill Graduate School of Business is under no obligation to guarantee placement.

The MM Program consists of 16.5 units of coursework, including a Professional Development course, and a one-term workplace experience requirement. Each course is 1.5 units.


MM 504 Workplace and Career Preparation
MM 505 Professional Development
MM 510A Organizations in a Changing World I
MM 510B Organizations in a Changing World II
MM 520A Collaborative Teamwork in Organizations I
MM 520B Collaborative Teamwork in Organizations II
MM 530A Applied Organizational Skills and Knowledge I
MM 530B Applied Organizational Skills and Knowledge II
MM 540A Organizational Analysis and Problem Solving I
MM 540B Organizational Analysis and Problem Solving II
MM 596 Capstone Integrative Project