Skills development

You’re feeling inspired to start making the world a better place. The important question is how do you turn those big ideas into a reality? This is where we can help. Let’s take the guesswork out of your future and get you on your way to becoming a force for positive change.

Start with a dream

The Master in Management (MM) program is for you if you dream of a certain kind of work. You aspire to change organizations for the better. You ask more of industry leaders. You see sustainability as an opportunity instead of a threat. You understand progress is more than dollars and cents. Now, your non-business undergrad degree has given you knowledge in a specific area. We will help you understand how you can apply that theoretical knowledge to create major impact when paired with other knowledge and skill sets.

Seek solutions

Join us in a vibrant learning environment. You will immerse yourself in a dynamic exchange of ideas with your peers, our faculty and leaders doing amazing things. In this cross-disciplinary cohort, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with your fellow students to tackle real-world issues. Guided by faculty, staff and organizational leaders, you will learn the power of collaborative thinking and doing. You will learn how to put problem solving into action. Our hands-on approach will combine experiential learning, reflection and engaging discussion as you build new skills that will help make your mark and effect positive change.

Graduate a game changer

Every journey has a destination. This program will equip you to be the change you want to see in the world.

What does that mean exactly? Your knowledge from your undergraduate studies will intersect with the skills that you gain over the 12 months in the MM program. You’ll develop leadership skills, analytical thinking, and the ability to solve complex problems. You'll be more creative, resilient and flexible, and these skills will help you bring your vision for a better world to life. You will graduate ready to frame challenging problems, summarize complex issues for diverse audiences across cultures and disciplines, build, facilitate and engage teams, and make informed, evidence-based decisions.

So bring your dreams, seek solutions and become the change you want to see.

We’re ready to begin the journey with you.