MGB Path 3 - January start

MGB Path 3

There is no other program quite like it in Canada. You study in three countries, progressing through three modules: Global Business Fundamentals, Global Business Opportunities and Global Business in Action. Then you complete the program with a global internship.

Victoria, Canada

University of Victoria

University of Victoria

PATH 3 is a North America, Europe, South America path.  You’ll start your studies in Victoria, Canada then continue to Linz, Austria and Lima, Peru spending approximately 3 months at the MGB partner universities in each country.

Jessica Okumagba

Jessica Ogumagba

Country of Origin: Nigeria

MGB: 2016

The UVic MGB program is simply one of a kind and the opportunities it offers are limitless. I look forward to the global exposure this program promises to offer and I am very excited about taking advantage of the rich cultural diversity in class and out. My experience at UVic is most likely to give me a competitive edge in the ever changing economy and set the pace for a rewarding career in business. I am eagerly looking forward to joining the new Path 3 of the MGB program and to studying in Canada, the Netherlands and Peru!