An MBA without compromise.


While a part-time MBA can be an opportunity to advance your career, we believe that you should also be able to do it without compromising your lifestyle or values. That’s why we’re proud to offer a weekend program that lets students keep working while they balance a program that champions sustainable business. Through our in-class weekend courses (held once per month for 24 months) supported by online learning between weekends, students not only have the flexibility to continue to work full-time and add value to their current position as they learn new skills, but they also have the opportunity to align their personal values with the greater good.

“An MBA will give me the tools and platform to launch a career change. The UVic Weekend MBA offers flexibility for full-time working students like me and innovative courses that resonate with me.” – Maggie Sewagudde-Peden, Weekend MBA ‘18

A smaller school with bigger thinking

The UVic MBA prides itself in being a progressive school using design thinking, where students are encouraged to think differently and develop creative solutions you wouldn’t experience at a more traditional school. Being smaller and more agile, also means we can react to emerging trends and shifts in the real world, so our students are always equipped with the latest skillset.

The alumni family

A smaller school also makes for a more intimate setting. Not only do our students feel like they’re part of an extended family, they also feel more connected to our vast alumni network.

“I loved the opportunity to be in a class with other part-time students who were in the same boat.”- Paul Chaddock, MBA ‘07.

An ideal setting

Located in BC’s capital of city of Victoria, the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, at the University of Victoria, is perfectly situated for its learning environment. “There’s a general level of awareness about sustainability here in Victoria that really lends itself to our program’s principles,” says David Dunne, Director MBA Programs. Our program also takes advantage of BC’s economy in live case studies, by exploring the province’s sectors in technology, resources, tourism and health. Located at the gateway to the Pacific, UVic students are able to explore business and global issues as it relates to BC and the wider world.

“[Part-time] MBA students taught me how to balance work, school and life. To make the package even more appealing the campus is lovely, students are friendly and winter in Victoria is much warmer than you would expect for Canada.” – Errol South, MBA ‘14