MBA in Sustainable Innovation

Welcome to the UVic MBA.

Finding solutions to the wicked problems of the 21st century. 

The old model is dead. In a time when uncertainty is the new normal, the world continues to transform at exhilarating speed. With this reality comes new challenges, responsibilities, as well as opportunities.

We are the business school that recognizes this pivotal moment in time, when we are all called to do the right thing for people and the planet. We seek to lead, rather than follow, by asking the right questions and looking at the world through a sustainable lens.

We educate students to think beyond the boardroom. Our program has moved sustainable innovation from the fringes of business to the centre of our curriculum. We transform students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Most importantly, we are here to help students understand how they can be the key to change required to ensure successful business practices, a healthy society and a flourishing planet.

The world of business is changing fast. Join us.

Think of us as the business school for the future. There are many businesses out there with the goal of changing the world for the better, but who will lead them? Now is the time to embrace a brave and bold new way of doing things.

The UVic MBA program has been designed to turn great minds into great innovators. We are here to challenge traditional modes of thinking, to help you navigate the complex challenges that we now face from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

We are looking for problem solvers, disruptors, and entrepreneurially-minded individuals from all disciplines who want to forge their own path and define their own measure of success.

We offer you a new way of seeing the world, using sustainability and innovation to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Prepare to amaze yourself!