Program structure

The UVic Weekend MBA is built around issues that directly affect the BC economy – like sustainability, innovation and globalization – that hold important lessons no matter where you choose to work. The following six themes are built into each term to bundle together the course work, applied projects, and professional development opportunities into one complete package.

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The UVic Weekend MBA journey begins in September with the Essentials of Business and Leadership (EBL), a full-time, intensive 3 day experience that leads into your first weekend session. EBL is a bridge into the MBA program that will help you connect:

  • with each other – your colleagues and “family” in the program
  • with your community – at Gustavson and beyond
  • with core business concepts as you launch into the Foundation courses

Victoria is a natural place to do business with a diverse talent pool and vibrant centre for government and business. Whether you are new to Victoria or a long-term resident, the “Connect” term is designed to help you to explore and learn more about the community and build your network.

Creativity + Innovation + Inspiring Location = vibrant tech sector.

The technology sector is Victoria’s biggest industry with 23,000 local professionals and $3.15 billion in annual revenues.* Opportunities to work in the Victoria tech sector range from small start-ups to large government organizations and consulting services at all levels.

The “Innovate” term introduces you to the ideas, theories, and concepts of innovation, design, marketing, and managing tech in organizations and puts those ideas into practice with your first applied project. Connect with professionals in your cohort and within the vibrant tech community to share how you can put creativity and innovation to work in your organization.

*VIATEC – 2014 Greater Victoria Technology Sector Economic Impact Study.

Dave McKay, President and CEO of RBC, recently wrote that “future jobs will depend on very human strengths: empathy, compassion, collaboration, creativity.”* These sentiments were echoed within the walls of our focus groups with industry in BC and with prospective MBA candidates like you. Managing in today’s wickedly complex world calls for collaboration – whether you are a small start-up or a department leader within a large organization.

The “collaborate” term helps you to explore ways to lead and cultivate collaboration in both inter- and intra- organizational contexts. Through course work and the applied project, you will explore barriers to collaboration, discover effective collaboration, and identify opportunities when collaboration does (and doesn’t) make sense. The “collaborate” term will help you to think differently, and think beyond boundaries.

*Blog post on LinkedIn by Dave McKay.

In the words of David Miller, CEO of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “the next generation of leaders need to incorporate sustainability in everything they do.”* At Gustavson, we agree. Sustainability is a pillar on which our business school is built – to help leaders see things differently and take steps to make the world better.

The “sustainable” term features course work and projects to help you consider and develop skills to incorporate the economic, environmental, and social consequences of decisions in business and personal contexts. 

*Quote from David Miller’s presentation to Faculty at the Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, February 1st, 2016.

As a North American gateway, BC is well positioned for international trade, investment, and knowledge mobilization with sought-after expertise. The UVic Weekend MBA will prepare you to “think differently, act responsibly, and have a global mindset.” The “World Ready” term is designed to deepen your understanding of business in a global context through course work, guest speakers or site visits, and a one-week international trip connected to the international applied project.

The world looks different from here is more than just a tagline at Gustavson, it is a sneak peek into your future as a leader.

The final term of your MBA program is designed to integrate your learning – academic and applied – to demonstrate responsible leadership and sharpen your skills as an effective manager. The “Integrate” term offers course work that reflects regional economic diversification as well as the “best of” Gustavson programming and Faculty from the traditional specializations in Service Management and Entrepreneurship.

The final integrative project offers you hands-on experience in working with a client in a consulting capacity to examine a current issue, apply your MBA framework, and present recommendations within a final report and presentation.

The “Integrate” term ends with a final 5-day experience that wraps up your MBA learning journey and helps you to bridge into your career and future as a UVic MBA Alumnus.