Is a bigger MBA better?

small by design

The debate over MBA class size rages on. Some will argue that larger class sizes grant students access to a larger alumni network, while others voice their concerns of being lost in the shuffle. And while choosing the right sized program has a lot to do with your learning style, that’s only part of the equation. We’ve broken down all the factors for you to help demonstrate why size matters.

The learning environment

At the Gustavson School of Business, we’ve designed a program that is only possible in a class size that typically ranges from 25 to 40 students, where interaction and participation is not only strongly encouraged, it’s essential to our learning environment. A smaller ratio of faculty to students also means every student has a chance to be heard and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with teachers and faculty.

“One of the things that really attracted me to the UVic MBA program was the small class size. The professors make an extra effort to get to know you, creating an ambiance of association.” – Faizan Ali Khan, MBA ‘16

A boutique experience

One of the benefits of a smaller program is the ability to help students plan both their personal and career goals. Right from the start, we work with students to build a career roadmap that matches their goals and values, which allows us to structure a tailored experience with our professional development program. This means by the time our students are finished at the Gustavson School of Business they’re on a career path to something that is unique to themselves and their values.

“The teaching method is discussion based that suits everyone’s needs and at the same time is helping us become world ready as we step forward towards achieving our individual goals.” – Faizan Ali Khan, MBA ’16

A part of something bigger

Our alumni will tell you that one of the greatest benefits of a smaller program is the feeling of community. That’s because every student has a chance to get to know everyone in our program, and pretty soon everyone feels a sense of belonging. So by the time our students walk out the door they feel part of the alumni family.

“As soon as I entered the UVic MBA program I immediately had an entire staff encourage me, faculty supporting me, and a cohort running with me.” - Berenice Gonzalez-Moraga, MBA ‘16

Non-traditional by nature

Being small also means being adaptable. As a progressive school by nature, we’re fortunate to be able to respond to emerging trends and shifts found in the real world so our graduates are always prepared for what’s next. This has also given us the freedom to approach problems with design thinking, where students are encouraged to think differently and develop creative solutions you wouldn’t experience at a more traditional school.