Why the UVic MBA may not be the program for you.


When most people think of an MBA program, they think of a quick way up the career ladder or a stepping stone to a bigger salary. It’s an opportunity to extend your business knowledge, create new connections and hopefully advance your professional career, right? Yes, but that’s only part of it. If you’re only interested in pursuing an MBA in terms of profits and promotions, then you’ll probably find that the UVic MBA isn’t right for you.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with setting your sights on Bay Street or Wall Street. We just believe an MBA should push you to think bigger. That’s why instead of prioritizing the bottom line, like most business schools, our MBA challenges students to take a more sustainable and innovative approach to business that includes responsible leadership. This may not be important to you, but for our students it’s the difference that leads to building a career that aligns with their values. And it’s what has inspired us to take a unique approach to delivering an MBA.

Integrated into every step of the way of our program, from curriculum to culture, we incorporate triple bottom line thinking to business: profits, people, and planet. “When we’re tackling a problem, we’re not only considering the economic outcome, like profits and expenditure, but also societal concerns like equity and access to resources, as well as the impact on the environment” says David Dunne, Director, MBA Programs. Fortunately for our grads, this is a shared mindset in today’s business world and has become increasingly marketable.

“UVic's dedication to sustainability, integration, and leadership, for example, has contributed to a global mindset that I can take forward for the rest of my career.” – Amir Khan, MBA ‘17

But the UVic MBA is also a chance for students to match personal goals with their career goals. “We want our students to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses, and explore where they truly want to go.” David Dunne explains. For example, starting from Day One in the professional development program, faculty works with students to create their roadmap and helps them build a career plan that matches their own values and goals. This means that when our students walk out, not only are they prepared for the real world of sustainable business, but they also have a career path that aligns with their true selves. And it’s a transition that’s seamless for our graduates.

“The MBA program has helped me build a solid professional toolkit that I use to: challenge my world view, span my cross cultural thinking, build sustainable business models, think globally and execute locally. I can confidently say that through the UVic MBA program that I am world ready.” – Anthony Njoroge, MBA ‘16

With every program offering a slightly different experience, choosing the right MBA is tricky. But at end of the day, an MBA is not just a piece of paper to hang on the wall or your next stone to leap from. It’s an opportunity to discover your potential and broaden your perspective. So the biggest favour you can do yourself, and future self, is choosing a school that aligns your learning to your values. And if that doesn’t resonate, then maybe the UVic MBA isn’t right for you.