Learn about the Executive Mentor Program

Program purposes:

Program guidelines: 

  1. voluntary participation
  2. apply throughout the year – whenever you are ready to meet a mentor
  3. mentors match your interests
  4. you and your mentor must agree that a match is a good fit
  5. your partnership runs two terms or eight months and can be extended if you and your mentor agree
  6. you and your mentor are the ones to establish expectations
  7. you and your mentor set your own agenda
  8. feedback and self-reflection are important for both you and your mentor
  9. commit your time - expect to meet once a month on average
  • help you think through your life and career choices
  • provide career path and industry guidance and insights
  • share opinions, ideas and experience with you
  • help provide you tactical knowledge and 'how to' realities, intangibles and nuances not provided in the classroom
  • assist you to make sense of and integrate your academic and experiential learning experiences
  • provide support, challenge you, and help you see what you can't see in yourself
  • be friendly, motivated, respectful, worldly and open-minded, easy to talk to
  • be someone you can look up to
  • be accessible and respond to your communications
  • help you gain connections through their network
  • build a professional relationship that may grow
  • be open to someone helping you think through personal and career issues
  • be self-motivated and prepared to commit the time
  • be accountable to make your relationship with your mentor a success
  • have an interest in personal learning and reflection