Business Class magazine

Isobel Mackenzie

Business Class magazine | Winter 2020 


Dean's Message


Embracing the unexpected in times of crisis. Read more

Biz Bites

Virtual exchange, supply chain research, and more. Read more

30 Years in Class

The business school kicked things off in 1990. Read more

Remembering Ali

Honouring former dean Ali Dastmalchian. 
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Age of Wisdom

Meet BC's first Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, MBA '97.
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Emergency Support Bursary

Extraordinary support during unprecedented times. Thank you, donors! Read more

First Across the Stage

Marc Gaucher, MBA '93, was the business school's first grad. 
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An MBA for 2020

Introducing the new MBA in Sustainable Innovation.
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Winning Influence

Faculty Research: How stakeholders can influence firms.
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Virtual Voices

Lessons and tips from two instructors in the virtual classroom.
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Creating Refuge

One sponsor group's journey to help a refugee family.
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Silver Linings

New alumni-run businesses for new times. Read more

Fateful Failure

Lessons from the climb that didn't happen.
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Critical Talks

Victoria Forum sessions on bridging divides. Read more

Balance Sheet

Tony Yacowar is an accountant for musicians. Read more