Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats

Our custom-designed corporate retreats will help your organization:

For too many organizations, the annual strategic planning retreat for senior executives has become an exercise in frustration and repetition. A successful retreat requires a different approach; one that recognizes the importance of enhancing strategic thinking skills and moves away from routine planning exercises.

  • combines traditional educational and consulting orientations
  • delivers significant value to client organizations

We begin by discussing issues of strategic leadership; next, confront the growth challenges facing the organization; then deal with issues of managing change.

Building competencies over a few days can result in new skills and abilities, a re-energized team as well as an updated strategic plan.

The result is a renewed sense of purpose, comfort with the ability to achieve promises, full understanding of the implementation process ahead and enhanced strategic thinking capabilities.

For more information about our custom-designed corporate retreats please contact:

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Executive Programs 
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