Executive Programs office
Office: TEF 245


Fax: 250-472-4497
Email: execsup@uvic.ca

Executive Programs
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

The Executive Programs team

Charmaine Stack
Director - Executive Programs Administration

Tel:   250-472-4446
Email: execprog@uvic.ca

Nicole Wallace
Associate Director - International and Indigenous Programs

Tel: 250-721-7039
Email: nicolew1@uvic.ca

Radhika Nair
Associate Director - Domestic Programs

Tel: 250-472-4138
Email: epadd@uvic.ca 

Eddie Isted
Account Executive - Executive Programs

Tel: 250-721-6429
Email: eisted@uvic.ca

Ben Roberts
Client Service Specialist - Domestic Programs

Tel: 250-721-8793
Email: epadvice@uvic.ca

Dina Ventura
Senior Clerk - Domestic Programs

Tel: 250-853-3611
Email: execsup@uvic.ca

Kimi Evans
Clerk - International & Indigenous Programs

Tel: 250-472-4614
Email: iipclerk@uvic.ca 

Ying Kracmar
Finance Officer - Executive Programs

Tel: 250-721-6382
Email: epfinance@uvic.ca 

Kirstin Leary
Senior Client Service Specialist –International & Indigenous Programs

Tel: 250-472-5180
Email: EPSrCSS@uvic.ca 

Maggie (Yue) Li
SGBS Program Manager

Tel: 250-721-7081

Jennifer Hope
International Recruitment Liaison -  International Programs

Tel: 250-472-4721

Daryl Hong
Client Service Specialist - International & Indigenous Programs

Tel: 250-472-4448

Zoe Waterlander
Clerk - International & Indigenous Programs

Tel: 250-472-5578