Empowering Aboriginal Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs (EAGLE)

NW-EAGLE March 2017 Gtxaala

The Empowering Aboriginal Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program (EAGLE) is focused on energizing and enabling all First Nations individuals (age 18+) to explore opportunities in order to realize the dreams they have for themselves and their community through leadership and entrepreneurship. The EAGLE program is designed and delivered to be an interactive and fun experience comprised of creativity, culture and competition.

All First Nations individuals 18 years & older are encouraged to apply for the EAGLE program.

Northern BC:

The Northwest-EAGLE (NW-EAGLE) workshops are held in a variety of locations in the Northwest, BC. Past locations include Moricetown, BC and Gitxaala, BC. The NW-EAGLE program will present opportunities for Aboriginal youth through the many TRICORP skills, training and employment programs. NW-EAGLE will also showcase entrepreneurial opportunities in the area. Participants interested in pursuing their own business will be able to apply to the Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (NW-ACE) program. NW-ACE will then provide participants with specific entrepreneurship training and mentorship. Upon completion, TRICORP loan services can help participants with the financing needed to get their businesses off of the ground.

The NW-EAGLE program is designed by UVic’s Gustavson School of Business and delivered in community by highly experienced community leaders.

Okanagan BC:

The Lakes Division-EAGLE workshops take place in venues around the greater Enderby, BC area. LD-EAGLE is a pre-requisite to the LD-ACE program.

Your Community? If you would like to see the EAGLE workshops made available in your area, please contact nicolew1@uvic.ca.

The EAGLE workshops are free to attend. We are fortunate that the cost of the program is covered by the generosity of our program partners.

To request more information about the NW-EAGLE or LD-EAGLE workshops, please contact