GBTI Highlights 2021

Earning Trust with Millennials



Gustavson Brand Trust Index 2021 Full Report

Dean's Message

Saul Klein

Reflecting on the 7th annual edition of the GBTI. Read more



How we conduct our study. 
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Market Evolution

Executive Summary

The market evolution of brand trust.
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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

An overview of brand trust in 2021.
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Pantry Loading

pantry loading

How pantry loading helped packaged food companies.
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 Supply Chains Matter

Supply Chain

Supply chains' reliability impacts perception of trust in a brand. Read more

Privacy & Data


Which brands were most protective with their customer privacy and data? Read more

Hotel Industry Recovery


The Hotel industry recovers from decline of consumer trust. Read more

Amazon & Whole Foods 

amazon and wholefoods

Amazon & Wholefoods struggle to make their partnership work. Read more

Employee Treatment


Which brands cared for their employees during the pandemic? Read more 

Sale of MEC

Sale of Mec

Has the sale of MEC affected their trust scores?
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Volkswagen's Struggles


Volkswagen are slowly recovering from their emissions scandal. Read more

Tim Hortons' Progress

Tim Hortons

Tim Horton's trust scores continue to fluctuate in 2021. Read more