A vibrant learning culture

Learning Culture
Engage, exchange, speak up, speak out.

At the Gustavson School of Business we dare to be different and challenge you to go against the grain. You’ll emerge with a unique way of thinking and learning – totally ready for the global workplace.

Throughout your program you’ll benefit from paid work terms that will help you to pick among your career choices while you continue your study. You’ll also get real advice and meet local business leaders who will provide you with an outside-in perspective through the Gustavson Mentor Program.

Our smaller class sizes, typically between 40 to a maximum of 60 students, are designed to give you opportunities to make life-long friendships as you move from class to class with the same amazing group of people who come from different nations, cultures and backgrounds.

You’ll find your professors as approachable as they are knowledgeable. They’ll share with you their life stories and leave their doors open for you to receive personalized attention, where you’ll get to know them on an individual level.

Get involved in your own learning and be truly inspired by business professionals, inspired teaching and a cohort of diverse yet similarly impassioned learners.