A different point of view

Point of View
You’ll see where optimism and opportunity meet.

What if your outlook could change the way the world does business? We know it can, which is why we teach business in a fundamentally different way.

Take charge of your own learning and tailor your education to your goals by choosing one of three high-demand specialization streams: entrepreneurship, international business, service management, or select a non-specialized option that lets you mix and match from the strengths of the other areas. Whichever path you choose you’ll learn to think at an entirely new level, and build an international business network while keeping corporate and social responsibility front and centre – as these topics are stand-alone courses in our programs, and integrated into every single one of our core courses and specializations

Our program goes well beyond the classroom with the largest international exchange program in Canada. In partnership with approximately 80 well-respected universities around the world, we'll provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture while you study. And you will gain real, paid work experience with our mandatory co-op education program that connects you with companies both in Canada and in countries like Korea, China, Germany or Mexico.

That’s a difference that makes a difference.