Brilliant by nature

Brilliant by nature
Put your mind in the most inspiring of places.

In Victoria, you’ll live and learn in a place of astonishing beauty and natural landscapes.

Zoom in on the western shores of British Columbia and you'll find us located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. As the gateway for other cities across continental and international borders, we invite thinkers like you to be inspired here, in a smaller city, where ideas explode.

That’s what makes Victoria so special. You’ll work and study in our community-focused atmosphere where entrepreneurs are encouraged and new ways of thinking are welcomed.

Victoria, the capital city of BC, has mild temperatures, among the warmest in Canada with almost no snow, and an impressive panorama of mountains, rainforests, and lakes, all rich in wildlife and opportunities for healthy living.

Proactive and dynamic, Victoria is home to many local businesses that encompass retail, cuisine, clean tech ventures, and tourism. Since 2010, Maclean’s Magazine has us ranked as Canada’s smartest city, because we dedicate significant resources to lifelong learning.

The University of Victoria also reflects the city’s bright reputation. The London Times Higher Education ranked our institution as the leading university in Canada under 50 years old. Join us and experience our world-class university in an amazing location.