District Energy

Mobilizing the knowledge of emerging technology held by faculty and graduate students at UVic to enable the university to plan the integration of non-natural gas technology into our carbon heavy district energy system. Read more

Edible Campus Selfie

Edible Campus

Creating an Edible Campus Group with the goal of channeling student, faculty, and administrative energy towards common goals of installing and maintaining edible features at UVic. Read more

Invasive Species Management

Providing coordination for the removal of invasive species on campus and developing an Invasive Species Management Plan that identifies priority areas for action. Read more
Bike Repair

Women and Trans Bike Repair

A workshop series catering specifically to women and trans folks to access repair skills to build confidence and keep biking. Held with support from the Spokes team in the Spokes cage at the Campus Bike Centre. Read more

Sensitive Ecosystems

Building on the Invasive Species Management plan, this project creates individual management plans for the priority sensitive ecosystems and provide learning opportunities for students to focus their efforts to restore sensitive ecosystems. Read More


Ecology Speakers Series

Providing resources to the Ecology Club to bring to invite two celebrated ecologists to come to the UVic campus during the fall and spring semesters of the 2016/2017 academic year to share their experiences in ecological sustainability. Read More


Invasive Species Flyer

Building on the Invasive Species Management plan, this project proposed to engage the campus community in the program with a summary brochure rather than expecting the campus community to read the report. Read More